Daligas is the UK’s newest independent gas supplier.

Daligas is based in London, it is a privately-owned energy company specialising in domestic and SME gas supply. Daligas was founded by members from the energy, IT, sales and marketing fields.

Daligas business model consists of a commitment to low operating cost, direct contact with consumers, cheaper gas selling price and advanced computer systems (IT) for handling customer switching and support.

Daligas offers simple pricing and simple payment for its customers: there is only one Daligas tariff (Daligas One) and only one method of payment (Direct Debit). Its fixed monthly payments allow Daligas customers to spread the annual cost of gas, in equal monthly instalments so they can plan in advance their own monthly energy budgets.

Daligas does not require customers to pay any sort of deposits or advances and does not impose penalties upon customers (i.e: termination fees).