About our Genius

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Who is this Genius?

In case you are wondering, the genius in question is John Stein, known as Honest John for his plain speaking approach. It would be fair to say that he is not happy about being outed as the Genius…

This is understandable from a man that tends to avoid the limelight, preferring instead to leave his nephew Bertie fronting the company much of the time. Bertie on the other hand, has no such shrinking violet problem. If a genius is a man with a great idea, then John certainly is one. The way it is that one day whilst setting up a planking photo of himself balanced precariously on the stuffed rears of two somewhat moth eaten hippopotamus’, he had a Eureka moment. He had just received his gas bill and he didn’t understand it, “Might as well have been written in Sanskrit for all the sense it made” being his blunt opinion at the time. Now for a guy with a maths degree that’s saying something.

In fact John could think of nothing else that he buys where the quantity of the goods being bought not only wasn’t known by him, but wasn’t known by the seller either. And as for the prices of gas and electricity; well they seemed to be as difficult to decipher as Hieroglyphics were before the discovery of the Rosetta stone. Thus we arrive at his Eureka moment, MyUtilityGenius – the Rosetta stone of energy contracting. John likes the analogy of the Rosetta stone; although it is fair to say that he also imagines himself as some kind of latter day Indiana Jones in his spare time, complete with hat, which may account for the enthusiasm. It is Bertie who has taken the concept of understanding energy and run with it, taking a more holistic view of energy which has led to a strong focus on energy efficiency programmes as well as prices. Both Bertie and John are big fans of simplification. Bertie’s favourite pick up line is still “How would you like to earn £780 an hour? Give me Wifi access and your energy bill and I’ll show you how.” John’s is still “Fancy a spot of planking later?” which just goes to show that Genius only gets you so far!

Indiana John Stein

John Stein,

Founder and CEO

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction – Albert Einstein