Our commercial relationship with the suppliers

MyUtilityGenius is a free, impartial comparison and switching online service that helps you to compare energy prices from all the energy suppliers in the UK. With us, take the advantage of the best energy prices and services.

In light of our ethical stance we feel it beholden upon us to let you know that MyUtilityGenius, in common with all energy suppliers switching sites, has commercial deals with some energy suppliers and receives a small commission payment if you decide to switch or apply for a product with us. Clearly our objective would be to have a commercial relationship with all of the energy suppliers so that you were able to use our site for your entire switching journey whenever possible. Whatever our commercial position with a supplier it does not affect how we rank energy suppliers and their tariffs in your results page.

MyUtilityGenius does not represent the commercial interests of any particular electricity or gas supplier and is completely independent of these companies. Any difference between the annual energy costs and savings displayed by Myutilitygenius and either energy suppliers themselves or other switching sites is either a function of error on one of the calculation engines behalf, or simply a result of differing approaches to consumption estimation, the treatment of VAT and the treatment of the myriad discounting arrangements applied by the energy suppliers.

The data MyUtilityGenius uses to calculate your results is provided directly by the energy suppliers. MyUtilityGenius monitors the suppliers continually and updates to make sure the results are comprehensive and accurate. My Utility Genius makes every effort to ensure that its suite of tariffs, both past and present, are as up to date as is practicable. To this end we request tariffs and tariff updates from energy suppliers on an on-going basis and we have a good working relationship with Consumer Focus who provide us with additional tariffs and details that enable us to keep our database as up to date and accurate as possible. None-the-less we are heavily reliant upon energy suppliers not only to give us any changes in tariffs, but to give us ample warning relating to any such changes so that we may represent, at any one time, a live picture of the most appropriate tariff choice for a customer. In this we are dependent upon energy suppliers and we ask consumers to understand the realities of this dependency.

Please find below the list of the energy suppliers with whom MyUtilityGenius has a commercial relationship; and the mechanics of that commercial relationship:

Energy Supplier – Name
Energy Supplier – Description
Commercial Agreement


Atlantic is part of the SSE Group. Along with Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro, SWALEC, SSE, Airtricity, Atlantic serve over 10 million customer accounts across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Learn More about Atlantic NO No

British Gas

British Gas is the biggest energy supplier in Britain’s domestic market with more than 6 million customers as an electricity supplier and accounts for approximately 50% of the UK domestic gas market. Learn more about British Gas NO No


iSupplyEnergy launched in 2012, it is a UK-owned and operated electricity supply company based in Dorset. iSupplyEnergy has a simple and concise pricing system.  Learn more about iSupplyEnergy YES Yes


E.On is one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK. E.On has more than 5 million customers, including domestic and business customers. Learn more about E.On YES Yes


Ebico a not-for-profit energy supplier aiming to offer fairer energy deals for UK households. Ebico has a single flat-rate and no standing charge, so customers only pay for what they use.Learn more about EBICO NO No


Ecotricity is an independent green electricity provider, offering new sources of renewable energy for the domestic market in the UK.Learn more about Ecotricity NO No

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is a subsidiary of the EDF Group, one of Europe’s largest energy suppliers. EDF Energy generates around one fifth of the UK’s electricity. EDF Energy supplies electricity and gas to around 5.5 million residential and business customersLearn more about EDF Energy NO No

First Utility

First Utility is an independent energy supplier and has 100,000 customers. Using smart metering technology that First Utility enables consumers to manage their own energy consumption and bills.Learn more about First Utility YES Yes

Good Energy

Good energy is an independent energy supplier who supplies only 100% renewable electricity to homes and businesses across the UK. Good Energy sources all its renewable energy from wind power, small hydro generation stations and solar photovoltaic arrays. Learn more about Good Energy YES Yes

Green Energy

Green Energy UK sources its energy from UK renewable sources (excluding nuclear power). Green Energy UK supplies their electricity through their licence provider OPUS energy and they aim to re-invest up to 50% of their profits into renewable electricity generation projects in the UK. Learn more about Green Energy NO No


LoCO2 Energy is a retail electricity supplier involved in the renewable energy sector for over 10 years. LoCO2 Energy aims to supply renewable electricity that offers value for money and helps to sustain the planet. Learn more about LoCo2 YES Yes

M&S Energy

Marks & Spencer Energy is a subsidiary of SSE. M&S Energy provides an electricity and gas tariff with built-in rewards. M&S Energy is committed to helping customers to reduce energy use, cut the cost of bills and helping the environment. Learn more about M&S Energy NO No


Npower is a leading UK energy supplier which supplies gas and electricity to around 4 million customers and produces around 10% of the electricity used in the UK. Learn more about NPower Yes Yes

OVO Energy

Ovo is a recent energy supplier who entered the UK market in 2009. Ovo offers competitively priced energy whilst also doing a bit for the environment. Learn more about Ovo Energy NO No

Sainsbury’s energy

Sainsbury’s Energy is a subsidiary of British Gas. Sainsbury’s Energy provides an electricity and gas tariff with built-in rewards (Nectar Points). Learn more about Sainsbury’s Energy NO No
Scottish Hydro Scottish Hydro is part of the SSE Group. Along with Southern Electric, Atlantic, SWALEC, SSE, Airtricity, Scottish Hydro serve over 10 million customer accounts across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Learn more about Scottish Hydro NO No

Scottish Power

Scottish Power is an energy supplier that provides gas and electricity to over 5.2 million domestic customers in the UK and maintains a large distribution network. Scottish Power is dedicated to investing in green projects and have 11 wind farms, hydro-electric power stations across the UK as well their own Green Energy fund. Learn more about Scottish Power NO No
Southern Electric Southern Electric is part of the SSE Group. Along with Atlantic, Scottish Hydro, SWALEC, SSE, Airtricity, Southern Electric serve over 10 million customer accounts across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Learn more about Southern Electric NO No


Spark Energy is a small energy supplier specialising in providing a service for tenants, property management firms and land lords. Learn more about Spark YES Yes


SSE (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy) is the parent company for Atlantic, Scottish Hydro, Southern Electric and SWALEC. Learn more about SSE NO No


Swalec is part of the SSE Group. Along with Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro, Atlantic, SSE, Airtricity, SWALEC serve over 10 million customer accounts across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Learn more about SWALEC NO No

The co-operative energy

Co-operative Energy is a recent energy supplier. It is part of The Midcounties Co-operative, the third largest co-operative in the UK with 430,000 members. Learn More about Co-operative energy Yes Yes


Utilita is the leading supplier of prepayment pay-as-you-go energy in Great Britain using smart meters. Learn more about Utilita YES Yes

Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is an energy supplier that provides over 400,000 homes and small businesses throughout the UK with Home Phone, Mobiles, Broadband, Gas and Electricity. Learn more about the Utility Warehouse NO No


Daligas is a private and independent energy supplier founded in the UK, with its head office in London. Daligas operates in other European countries. Learn more about the Daligas YES Yes


Flow Energy is a new UK energy supply company with a great value fixed fate dual fuel tariff. Learn more about Flow Yes Yes

Woodland Trust Energy

Woodland Trust Energy Learn more about Woodland Trust Energy No Yes

Pioneer Energy

Pioneer Energy Learn more about Pioneer Energy YES Yes

Better Energy

Better Energy Learn more about Better Energy YES Yes