Guy Thompson at MyUtilityGenius

Guy Thompson, Product Director & Energy Expert at MyUtilityGenius

MyUtilityGenius is a new service to help consumers become better informed customer of energy suppliers.

Guy is a respected UK energy expert and one of the few professionals in the UK who’s worked for a gas supply business, an electricity supply business, an investment bank and leading consultancy businesses. Guy has expertise in subjects including; green energy, switching supplier, energy derivatives, power purchase agreements, renewable energy and group switching.
Guy became Director of MyUtilityGenius to allow him to engage with the UK domestic energy consumers in a way that no other company, organisation or representative body currently does. Employing his knowledge experience and expertise in the energy market, Guy aim’s to help energy consumers “get switched on”.

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About MyUtilityGenius:

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“Our philosophy is to shine a light into the dark corners of an industry that seems to have lost its way. We believe that by informing the people and helping them to engage in what energy actually is and the part that it plays in their lives we can empower the man in the street to take control of his energy bills and better manage the activities it powers.”

We want to interact with you and share our knowledge about energy so you can:

  1. Understand how energy works for you in your home

  2. Find ways to use less or better your energy

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OFGEM Confidence code

The Confidence Code is a Code of Practice that governs independent energy price comparison sites.  Using a site with the Confidence Code certification mark means that the process of switching energy supplier is easy, reliable, impartial and reassuring for you.

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