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This Week in Energy News- February 5th 2016
Post by David, posted at 1, 5th February 2016 on Blog

What’s been in the Energy News this week? Well the whole nation was shocked by a certain charity scandal, yet another energy giant is dropping their prices this week and, if you are really interested in getting into Energy, Bristol City Council is offering grants of £10,000 to get into community projects. This week has […]

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Finding your energy supplier when moving home
Post by David, posted at 1, 4th February 2016 on Blog

When you moved into your current home what were the first things you did? Unpacked some boxes, ordered a takeaway, had a celebratory drink or collapsed in a heap after the stresses and strains of moving? Did you think about finding out who your new utility suppliers are?  Finding a new place to live (be it […]

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The Week in Energy
Post by David, posted at 1, 29th January 2016 on Blog

Welcome to the first Week in Energy review, My Utility Genius’s weekly blog dedicated to reviewing the past weeks hottest consumer energy topics in the UK. This week, like any other, has been very busy for us at My Utility Genius HQ, with projects, plans & schedules whilst at the same time fighting with fluctuations […]

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What are Smart Meters?
Post by David, posted at 1, 25th January 2016 on Blog

Smart Meters are new generation of gas and electricity meters that automatically send digital meter reads to your energy supplier. The purpose is to help create more accurate energy bills for your home whilst allowing you to better understand and manage your energy use. This means no more manual meter reads and more importantly no […]

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Switching Energy Supplier bill calculator
Why should I switch my energy supplier?
Post by David, posted at 1, 6th November 2015 on Blog

Quite simply you should really switch energy suppliers every year; it is the fastest way to save money on your energy bills without making drastic lifestyle changes that affect how and when your energy is used. You may feel that accepting a renewal offer from your current supplier means you have done your part in […]

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Are your energy prices set to rise over the next 18 months?
Post by David, posted at 1, 14th September 2015 on Blog

Just imagine Christmas Morning in 2016 no doubt there will be shouts of festive joy whilst the Turkey is in the oven. Keep that thought in your mind and imagine the amount of energy the whole of the country is using on this special morning, it shouldn’t be a problem right? After all you do […]

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6 Genius Energy Efficient Traveling Tips
Post by David, posted at 1, 28th August 2015 on Blog

Are you at a loss with what to do in the typical British Weather? Don’t worry My Utility Genius has some cost effective tips for what you can do this weekend, weather you are traveling close to home or abroad. Take a look below to see if you can incorporate any in your plans for your time […]

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It’s Bank Holiday Weekend! Here are our tips to help you be more Travel Efficient
Post by David, posted at 1, 28th August 2015 on Blog

If you are going away this Bank Holiday, be more efficient with your home energy whilst you are way. Our tips will help you relax that little bit more. Unplug any unused electrical equipment: when you’re in a rush, you may forget to turn everything off. Have a sweep of the house before locking up; […]

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Why the UK needs to make Energy Switching a frequent habit before we can fully move towards going ‘Green’
Post by David, posted at 1, 6th August 2015 on Blog

Imagine a world without mobile phones or the handy little contracts that go with them when they were launched. Without them we wouldn’t have our I Phone’s or HTC’s as there wouldn’t be a benchmark for customers to compare against affordability and phone performance, as well as all the other marketable USP’s we so love […]

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1 More reason to Switch Energy Providers, as Complaints about Energy Services rise by 55 Per cent
Post by David, posted at 1, 3rd August 2015 on Blog

In the first half of 2015, complaints about Energy service providers rose 55 Per Cent to over 35,000 lodged to the mediator Ombudsman Services. The common Issues of complaints include issues with billing and problems between moving providers and tariffs. Billing issues from overcharging, incorrect invoicing and backdated Billing make up 85 percent of these […]

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Blink and it’s gone – The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is Scrapped
Post by David, posted at 1, 29th July 2015 on Blog

The Green Deal – will not be back by popular demand; the curtains have been drawn on its final performance with no encore or tribute band lining up to play the coalition’s a one hit wonder energy policy. The Green Deal seemed to be trending for one day on twitter however, but only to highlight […]

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Does switching affect my Credit Rating?
Post by David, posted at 1, 17th July 2015 on Blog

When you switch energy suppliers, you may well be requested to accept a credit check if you fail that then the energy supplier will not disregard your request to switch over to them, but will insist upon specific criteria being met in order to be your new supplier. An Energy Suppliers may insist you provide a […]

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Will a Grexit affect my Energy Prices?
Post by David, posted at 1, 8th July 2015 on Blog

This week has been a busy week in the UK Energy industry, what with the CMA report being published on Tuesday, problems in China’s manufacturing sector and of course much talk of an Inevitable Greek exit from the Euro zone looking more likely. My Utility Genius has been asking how this week’s events will affect […]

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Breaking News – Bears are doing a number 2 in the woods
Post by David, posted at 1, 7th July 2015 on Blog

And apparently, according to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) the large energy supply companies are doing a number on their most loyal customers as well. Working in the energy markets sometimes gives me a déjà vu feeling; haven’t we been on this merry-go-round before? Sadly; yes. None of the information the CMA report published […]

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The Latest CMA report into the UK’s Energy Industry is in!
Post by David, posted at 1, 7th July 2015 on Blog

We here at My Utility Genius have been telling customers for years they could be saving in excess of £160 per year by simply switching their energy tariff. Today the Competition and Markets Authority released its report into the Energy Markets on the back of the worrying rapid price increases over the past several years. […]

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When the Heat goes up so do your Energy Bills
Post by David, posted at 1, 3rd July 2015 on Blog

At first glance this seems to dampen the warm air hovering over Britain right now. Go away; we are sunbathing right now! It’s not just been you that has been basking in the sunshine of the hottest couple of days this Island has seen in the last decade, but the energy suppliers have been soaking […]

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5.1 million Prepayment Meter customers are paying an average of £266 more than regular energy customers
Post by David, posted at 1, 3rd July 2015 on Blog

A new report released today by Citizens Advice has shown that energy users on a prepayment meter are paying far more than what they should, with the average prepayment customer paying £266 more than they should than if they were upon the cheapest fixed price tariff. Around 5.9  million UK homes who have a prepayment meter […]

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Todays 7 best Energy Money Saving Tips
Post by David, posted at 1, 2nd July 2015 on Blog

If you looking to saving money by changing your habits today you can incorporate the following things into your everyday lifestyle which can reduce your energy bills massively over the foreseeable future. Switch off or unplug any charges or appliances you do not need switched on rather than having them on Stand By The average UK […]

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Citizens Advice reports that Billing Issues are the number 1 cause of customer Complaints.
Post by David, posted at 1, 2nd July 2015 on Blog

A recent report by Citizen’s advice has suggested that the amount of people complaining about their energy supplier has now risen to 20%, an estimated total 4.5 million of all British households. The suggestion is that the number 1 cause of complaints has been suggested down to the final price of a consumers total bill. […]

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What does the letters IGT mean on my Utility Bill?
Post by David, posted at 1, 26th June 2015 on Blog

Gas is transported and supplied to UK households through miles and miles of underground pipelines. The majority of these pipelines are owned and operated by the National Grid , a company formed as part of the Electricity Act (1989)  which privatised the electricity industry. An estimated 1 million UK homes aren’t connected to National Grid […]

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Changes to the Debt Assignment Protocol make it easier for PPM customers to switch
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 6th May 2015 on Blog

With the assistance of Ofgem, ten domestic energy suppliers within the UK have made it easier and simpler for prepayment customers to switch energy suppliers should they still be in debt. The Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP)* changes allow for customers to switch automatically, even if they are in £500 debt per fuel by allowing the […]

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Millions Saved In One Month As Switching Energy Supplier Rockets
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 24th March 2015 on Blog
  More than £38 million was saved by 130,000 households switching energy supplier - in just one month of DECC's Power to Switch’ campaign. Compared with the same period the previous year, the figures, provided by Ofgem accredited price comparison sites, also show: 193% increase in total savings Average saving of £312 for dual fuel [...] Read More
Landlord Energy Saving Allowance (LESA)
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 18th March 2015 on Blog
Landlords can reduce their tax bill by up to £1,500 a year with the Landlord Energy Saving Allowance (LESA). But you need to act fast as the tax perk on home improvements to help meet government green emissions target is being abolished. The tax break is due to end on 6th April 2015. Currently landlords [...] Read More
Power to Switch – £2.7 Billion up for Grabs by Switching Energy Supplier
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 16th February 2015 on Blog 3.5 million households across the UK are missing out on their share of £2.7 billion by sticking with their energy company. By shopping around and taking advantage of the best energy deals on the market, millions of people can save around £200 - and some can save even more. The ‘Power to Switch’ campaign, [...] Read More
Weekly Energy Market Report – Week Four 2015
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 28th January 2015 on Blog
Energy Market Analysis The week that was…   This week can be seen as a European entree, in the form of a €1 trillion virtual printing exercise, to a potentially unappetising dollop of Souvlaki as a main dish that the Greeks are likely to dish out to the markets once their polls close. Whilst the [...] Read More
Can I save simply by switching energy plans with the same supplier?
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 27th January 2015 on Blog

Are you unsure where to start when it comes to energy tariffs? In order to help you decide if switching to a fixed price plan is the right thing for you, take a look at our list of pros and cons of fixed energy tariffs. Pros Savings and Piece of Mind – Potentially saving money […]

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Weekly Energy Market Report – Week Three 2015
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 20th January 2015 on Blog
THE WEEK THAT WAS... Slightly flat week this really; supply and demand continue to do a push-me pull-you dance on both the power and gas markets whilst crude prices have surged off the back of, quite frankly, nothing more than: some commentary from the IEA suggesting that the sell off is having an impact on [...] Read More
Weekly Energy Market Report – Week Two 2015
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 15th January 2015 on Blog

The week that was… At the risk of sounding repetitive Oil Markets are where the action is with everything else being white noise and tactical flim-flam. Always good to see a well known market phenomenon materialise in a market one is watching and so we witnessed the appearance over the past week of the infamous […]

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Faster Switching Between Energy Suppliers: Questions and Answers
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 14th January 2015 on Blog

a We welcome the announcement by DECC  today that households will be able to switch energy supplier in just 17 days. Read the press release here. As part of the briefing DECC have supplied more information, which is below in question and answer format. Q:        Why was it important to cut switching times? A:        We know […]

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Government Announcement: January energy detox – leaner tariffs in half the time
Post by Bharat Mistry, posted at 1, 14th January 2015 on Blog

Switching energy supplier could save many people around £300 – and some could save more – off their bills, and it’s now quicker to do than ever before. In October 2013 Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey challenged industry to cut switching times dramatically. New processes are now in place to […]

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E.ON cuts gas prices by 3.5%
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 13th January 2015 on Blog

E.ON is the first of the Big Six energy suppliers to announce a price cut of 3.5% which is equivalent to £24.38 off an average annual household gas bill. The new one year fixed dual fuel product with average annual price of £923 is the cheapest energy tariff available today. The price reduction will take place with immediate […]

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2014 confirmed as UK’s warmest year on record
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 8th January 2015 on Blog

Last year was the UK’s warmest since records began in 1910, the Met Office has said. This year’s record means that eight of the UK’s top ten warmest years have happened since 2002. But no month saw record temperatures – instead each month was consistently warm, according to the Met Office. Met Office analysis also […]

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Weekly Energy Market Report – Week One 2015
Post by Bharat Mistry, posted at 1, 6th January 2015 on Blog

THE WEEKS THAT WERE……….   Say hello to 2015 boys and girls. What presents did Santa bring down the chimney since last we spoke? The answer friends, is a sackful of coal and a big ol’ barrel of oil going cheap. Yup, the children of Moscow, Riyadh, Caraccas, Luanda, Baghdad and Tehran had a pretty […]

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Warm Home Discount Explained
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 5th January 2015 on Blog

The Warm Home Discount scheme is an initiative taken by the UK Government, to provide you with an opportunity to save £140 on your energy bills. The Warm Homes Discount scheme, for the time being, may only be made use of during the winters of 2014 and 2015. The aim behind the formation of this […]

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Weekly Energy Market Update
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 23rd December 2014 on Blog
This week has exposed the Russian economy to be an oily black one trick pony. Fossil fuel price increases seem to represent Putin\'s growth and stability plans A through D; with Plan E being the secret weapon plan called "Hope". As Brent went through $60 this week the FX traders basically blew the Rouble away [...] Read More
Bad behaviour amongst energy suppliers. Who would credit it . . .
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 19th December 2014 on Blog
OFGEM has provided qualified support to the establishment of the My Energy Credit website which has been set up by the Big Six energy suppliers to provide the means for consumers that have switched whilst still in credit with their old supplier to ensure that they are paid their money back. It is a somewhat [...] Read More
Weekly Energy Market Update
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 17th December 2014 on Blog
The bears have been clambering all over the energy complex like it was a giant jar of marmalade. Brent is shedding value like it was part of the Boxing day sales and no-one seems capable of stopping the rot. Even as I write Brent is currently trading at $61.79 – so nearly $2 below our [...] Read More
Will smart meters really cut household bills?
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 13th November 2014 on Blog
Smart meters have not fully rolled out yet but it’s already generating a lot of buzz not just with energy consumers but with the government as well. The devices, which are meant to replace the old meters that you already have at your place, are quite costly for the average energy consumer (it costs £250). [...] Read More
Energy saving myths
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 6th November 2014 on Blog
Don’t be a sucker – check your settings and be energy aware
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 4th November 2014 on Blog

Vampire Energy: The Sequel With Halloween just days away, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) just released the second wave of their #vampireenergy campaign – CHECK YOUR SETTINGS. Are there energy vampires lurking in your home? Don’t let #vampireenergy win – be #energyaware Don’t let #vampireenergy win – be #energyaware

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Don’t Be A Sucker – Switch It Off & Be Energy Aware
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 24th October 2014 on Blog

In the run up to Halloween, DECC have launched a fun mini-campaign to make people aware of the energy vampires in their home – chargers plugged into the wall, TVs on standby and incorrect settings on products that suck energy. Don’t be a sucker, Save energy. Save money. Switch it off and be #energyaware! Check […]

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Savvy Students Can Now Take Control Of Their Energy Bills
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 23rd October 2014 on Blog

Be An Energy Shopper set to break down barriers preventing GB’s 2.3m students from ‘energy shopping’ Three-quarters (77%) of bill paying Brits living in rented accommodation say they’ve never switched energy supplier and one in five (20%) is not aware of their right to switch University is the first time many students start renting, and […]

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Brits Could Save £500m A Year If They Take Control Of Their Heating While Households Could Save £75 A Year
Post by Bharat Mistry, posted at 1, 22nd October 2014 on Blog

  Four fifths of Brits believe they understand their heating controls Yet HALF misuse energy when they turn up their thermostat Nearly 40 per cent of Brits think it’s more efficient to leave the heating on all the time And only a quarter of bill payers have changed energy supplier in the last year Campaign […]

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Helping households to cut their energy bills – Big Energy Saving Week: 20 – 24 October 2014
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 21st October 2014 on Blog

Yesterday marked the start of the Big Energy Saving Week, a week that focuses on raising awareness of energy efficiency issues and helping people to take action to reduce their bills. Help to cut your housing costs The Big Energy Saving Week is a project set up by a number of businesses and organisations including […]

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Life lesson number 145: Be careful that when spreading muck you don’t inadvertently cover yourself in sh**
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 20th October 2014 on Blog

Art Sculpture by Chen Wenling One of the many skirmishes in what may well subsequently be known as the energy wars opened up an unexpected front over the airways and column inches this morning. Apparently switching sites are the new enemy in the war on energy prices; whilst The Big Deal – a collective switching […]

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Switching off appliances could save Brits £1.7bn
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 17th October 2014 on Blog

74% of people are worried about energy bills Yet ONLY half of households who have received an unexpectedly high energy bill check if unused appliances are switched off  55% of households have games consoles, a quarter of over 55s have them  Nearly 40% leave consoles either on or in standby mode when not in use  Three […]

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The Politics of Energy
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 16th September 2014 on Blog
The next 3 days are pretty pivotal in the history of the island nation that is the United Kingdom. This is a country that less than a year ago was disparaged by some unnamed Russian bureaucrat as just “a small island no one listens to”. Which begs the question that if the UK is a [...] Read More
The Putin Problem
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 25th July 2014 on Blog
#185067178 / What do you do with a problem like Putin? I would be interested to know when exactly it was that Western Europe became the geographical equivalent of a eunuch. At what point did we weigh in the balance having to accept a significantly higher price for energy against standing up for freedom, [...] Read More
OFGEM and the Wholesale Energy Market
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 17th June 2014 on Blog
OFGEM take out the wholesale market big stick and stir up a fine stew The wholesale market – domestic market correlation is substantially more complex than simply looking at two graphs and making some fatuous comments about the direction and angle of travel of the lines involved. If one’s hypothesis regarding the mean-spirited behaviour of [...] Read More
Solar PV
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 10th June 2014 on Blog
5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Solar PV With an increasing number of businesses now concerned about their energy consumption and the price of their energy bills, solar power represents a viable alternative to more traditional fossil energies such as coal and natural gas which are responsible for emitting large amounts of CO2. What’s more, [...] Read More
Energy Shopping
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 8th May 2014 on Blog
Energy is like a good pair of shoes All the regulations, laws and clauses in the world will not change your relationship with the energy market and your energy bill if you don’t initiate some changes yourself. Energy really isn’t that different from shoes, clothes, DVD’s, insurance, groceries, electronics, second hand cars or anything else [...] Read More
Insulation in UK Homes
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 9th April 2014 on Blog
Why British homes are badly insulated? Badly insulated homes are costing British families around £643 per year, according to the Energy Bill Revolution, a lobby group who have the support of over 244 MPs, along-with big names like Asda, Carillion, IKEA, Saint-Gobain, Scouts, WWF, Save the Family and UK Green Building Council. It is a [...] Read More
Competition Market Authority and OFGEM
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 1st April 2014 on Blog
Is the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) OFGEM's equivalent of an ICBM? The announcement last week by Ofgem that the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers are to be investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority has been welcomed by commentators, householders and businesses alike. For a long time distrust of the big six has been rife, [...] Read More
Energy Switching for Tenants
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 19th March 2014 on Blog
I am a tenant - what can I do to reduce my Energy Bills? Many tenants are labouring under the assumption that they can’t switch their energy supplier. That it’s down to the landlord to select the provider and that the tenant just pays the bills. Well, this is incorrect. Since it is the tenant(s) [...] Read More
Small Energy Suppliers
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 24th February 2014 on Blog
Who are the Small Energy Suppliers and why should you investigate them? Ask the average Joe to name a few energy suppliers and he’ll usually come up with the usual suspects: Npower, Eon, RWE, Scottish and Southern, British Gas and EDF – if he gets them all he’ll be doing very well. But how many [...] Read More
Fuel Poverty
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 24th February 2014 on Blog
Fuel Poverty in the UK What a few weeks it’s been with flooding across vast swathes of southern Britain leaving many without fuel or heat. It perhaps leads us to reflect that many of us take heating for granted, so much so that we don’t really think about it until it is no longer there. [...] Read More
Nuclear Power
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 12th February 2014 on Blog
Why are we scared of Nuclear Power? Nuclear power had a lot of bad press in the 1990’s and early noughties as a result of a few, high profile, power plant accidents - Chernobyl (1986), Three Mile Island (1979). Even as recently as 2011 there was a disaster in Fukushima Daiichi (Japan). However, nuclear seems [...] Read More
How Green is Green Energy?
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 11th February 2014 on Blog
Green Energy is a hard definition to come by: Take a straw poll of 100 people in the street and ask them if they’d like to be ‘greener’, or lead a ‘greener’ lifestyle. I am sure that very few of them would say no. Being green to most people means improving sustainability, helping the environment [...] Read More
Switching Sites
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 29th January 2014 on Blog
Switching sites aren't responsible for higher energy bills, here is why: It would appear that one of the recent new entrants into energy supply, a well-known brand outside of the energy space, have taken it upon themselves to put the boot into switching sites. The suggestion seems to be that because switching sites get paid [...] Read More
Energy Price Freeze
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 6th December 2013 on Blog
Energy Price Freeze Vs Energy Price Hold: You say “Freeze”, I say “Hold”, you say “No Increase”, I say “Subject to Wholesale Markets maintaining their current horizontal trajectory, in which case all bets are off anyway”. Not quite “Potayto, Potahto; Tomayto, Tomahto” but you get the drift. If we contemplate what would actually be necessary [...] Read More
Energy Switching
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 19th November 2013 on Blog
Energy Price Rises: What you should know before Switching Energy Supplier At the time of writing SSE, British Gas, Npower and Scottish Power had all raised the prices of their variable products by between 8% and 11%. EDF meanwhile have published a headline rise of only 3.9% and Eon have yet to declare a price [...] Read More
Energy Switching: Can it be done in just one day?
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 7th November 2013 on Blog
There is no reason, at a theoretical level, why you couldn’t switch your energy supplier in just one day However, there are significant practicalities that make this optimal outcome an unlikely one. It is perhaps instructive to look at how quickly the largest electricity supplies in the UK, which are metered on a half hourly basis, [...] Read More
saving energy with kids2
Saving Energy with Kids
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 31st October 2013 on Blog

It’s a well-known fact that children are expensive little things. They eat an enormous amount of food, considering the relatively small size of their bodies, and they run around the house causing untold amounts of damage. They’re also amongst the biggest energy consumers, with more gadgets and electronic toys than ever before. A Child of […]

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Rising Energy Bills
Rising Energy Bills
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 21st October 2013 on Blog

Rising Energy Bills: The tipping switching point Here’s a question to ponder in these troubled times: how hot does the energy bill need to be before the boiling consumer does something about it? Are we all frogs resigned to boil to death unknowingly; only to end up on some Frenchman’s plate as an hors d’oeuvres […]

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Is fixing Energy prices a fix?
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 25th September 2013 on Blog

So summer’s gone and it’s time for energy to start hitting the headlines again. The not so subtle trailing of the impending October price hike by supplier or suppliers unknown has, this week, been superseded in its ability to create headlines by Mr Miliband. The heart of his letter to the energy suppliers is as […]

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Switching to LED Lighting
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 21st August 2013 on Blog

We’re all looking for ways to reduce energy bills. If the family across the road installed solar panels, would you do the same? If they got new windows fitted, and new insulation, would you find someone to fix up your house? What if they told you that they’d switched their existing light bulbs for LED […]

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Saving energy at work
Tips for saving energy at work
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 16th August 2013 on Blog

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and one of the most pain-free methods is to save energy at work. According to the Carbon Trust* many businesses could save at least 20% of their energy bills by using equipment more efficiently and changing employees behaviour towards energy use. They also assert that a […]

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Monitoring your energy
Monitoring your Energy Usage
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 24th July 2013 on Blog

For a majority of people, monitoring energy is an almost alien concept. Gas and electricity meters are hidden away, and people don’t usually make an effort to read them unless a bill is unexpectedly high, or they’re moving in or out of a property. Though they’re now far less common than they used to be, […]

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Green Deal Banner
Green Deal Flop
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 1st July 2013 on Blog

Nah, nah, na naah nah!  “I told you so, Mr Davey” is so childish and yet somehow feels so appropriate given the childish naivety deployed in rolling out the Green Deal. You would think these people had never worked in the real world with real people. Oh wait……. “It is pretty generally accepted that the […]

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Energy Saving
Energy saving with solar charger devices
Post by Anna Evans, posted at 1, 26th June 2013 on Blog

Energy saving is a hot topic. Bills are going up, and disposable income is reducing. You can switch your energy supplier to find a better deal, but that method is best when it’s combined with a conscious look at your own spending and how much energy you use. Some people watch every penny. They turn off […]

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Understanding green energy tariffs
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 21st June 2013 on Whiteboard Fridays

This week’s Whiteboard Friday is about understanding green energy tariffs. What is a green tariff? What do you need to look at when switching to a green energy tariff? Guy Thompson, our energy expert answers your your questions about green energy tariffs in this video. Video Transcript “Hi and welcome to another Whiteboard Friday with […]

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competitive energy market
One step forward in the tortuous journey towards a fair and competitive energy market
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 17th June 2013 on Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I started out writing a piece on the wholesale energy markets in the UK and ended up writing a bit of a polemic on governmental and regulatory myopia when it comes to what ails the energy markets. Given that the piece was supposed to be informative rather than opinion based […]

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Understanding Variable and Fixed Energy Tariffs
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 14th June 2013 on Whiteboard Fridays

Variable and Fixed Energy Tariffs In this week Whiteboard Friday, our Energy Expert Guy Thompson, puts on the geeky glasses and explains the differences between variable and fixed energy tariffs. Video Transcript “Hi there and Welcome to another Whiteboard Friday with MyUtilityGenius. Last week we went through a lot of different things you need to […]

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What you need to know before switching your energy supplier online
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 6th June 2013 on Whiteboard Fridays

In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, find out what you need to know before switching your energy supplier online. What types of tariffs are out there? What’s the important information to get from your energy bill and where to find it? What personal details you need to switch your energy? Our Energy expert Guy Thompson answers […]

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Where switching went wrong – Whiteboard Friday
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 31st May 2013 on Whiteboard Fridays

Where energy switching went wrong In today’s Whiteboard Friday, our Energy expert Guy Thompson tells us why energy switching rates are so low and has a look at how much money UK as whole could save each year if more households were switching their energy supplier(s). Video Transcript “Afternoon and welcome to another Whiteboard Friday […]

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Energy Suppliers and You – Whiteboard Friday
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 24th May 2013 on Whiteboard Fridays

Energy Suppliers and you In today’s Whiteboard Friday, our Energy Guru Guy Thompson explains how the relationship you have with your energy supplier works. Guy compares the main energy suppliers “The Big 6″ with the small energy suppliers “The New Kids”. Video Transcript “Hi there and Welcome to Whiteboard Fridays with MyUtilityGenius. Well, last week […]

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Gas Bill – Whiteboard Friday
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 17th May 2013 on Whiteboard Fridays

Understand your gas bill In today’s Whiteboard Friday, find out with our energy expert Guy Thompson, who you pay and what you pay for when you pay your gas bill.  Video Transcript “Hi and Welcome to Whiteboard Fridays with MyUtilityGenius. Last week we had part 1, which was your electricity. Today, we have part 2 which is […]

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Electricity Bill – Whiteboard Friday
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 13th May 2013 on Whiteboard Fridays
Understand your electricity bill In today's Whiteboard Friday, find out with our energy expert Guy Thompson, who you pay and what you pay for when you pay your electricity bill.    Video Transcript "Good afternoon and welcome to MyUtilityGenius Whiteboard Fridays. My name is Guy Thompson, I am Product director, we thought the best way to start [...] Read More
Collective Switching
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 7th May 2013 on Blog
"Always check the contents of your tin" Is that the sound of the Collective Switching cavalry charging headlong into the breach to take the challenge firmly to the industry? Perhaps, but only if your idea of a cavalry charge involves a few rescued donkeys from the beach resorts of yesteryear going for a gentle trot [...] Read More
Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 29th April 2013 on Blog

One way or another energy prices, energy suppliers, consumers and policy makers continue to make headlines. We have had, on the supplier front, Npower’s purported non-payment of UK Corporation Tax, SSE being fined over £10million for mis-selling; and British Gas being hauled over the coals for making “excessive” profits over the last winter. This is […]

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News on Energy Boulevard
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 5th March 2013 on Blog

Energy News – “Wheels within Wheels” So the big news on Energy Boulevard would appear to consist of, at first glance, some relatively unconnected pronouncements and initiatives. Let’s take Alistair Buchanan’s broadside regarding the looming generation gap as a starter for ten. I hate to disappoint anyone who thought that his announcements regarding the closure […]

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Green Deal fail
Green Deal: Designed to Fail
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 25th January 2013 on Blog

It is pretty generally accepted that the Green Deal is poorly designed, difficult to implement, and will run into a wall of apathy that makes the 15% energy supply switch rates look like an unmitigated success! So what exactly does the consumer get? They get a loan underwritten by the government that they can pay […]

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ICIS Heren
Full of Sound and Fury Signifying Ignorance on a Mammoth Scale
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 15th November 2012 on Blog

Having watched with interest the various talking heads waffling up a storm regarding the ICIS Heren market manipulation scandal it is patently apparent that almost all of them don’t really seem to have much of a clue as to what went on, what could it have affected, and why someone would have tried to do […]

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Tethering Goat in the Energy Market
The tethered goat and the Energy Bill
Post by Guy Thompson, posted at 1, 23rd October 2012 on Blog

Will history look back on the launch of MyUtilityGenius and conclude that we started just as OFGEM, or David Cameron, or both, provided the silver bullet that slew the energy profit monsters?  It seems unlikely as what we have heard over the last few weeks is a lot of hot air and opinion but not […]

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