Citizens Advice reports that Billing Issues are the number 1 cause of customer Complaints.

A recent report by Citizen’s advice has suggested that the amount of people complaining about their energy supplier has now risen to 20%, an estimated total 4.5 million of all British households. The suggestion is that the number 1 cause of complaints has been suggested down to the final price of a consumers total bill.

The common cause of Energy Billing complaints is overcharging and Bills being issued at the wrong time, leaving customers out of pocket. The problems with billing is also caused by a lack of understanding of energy bills by consumers, a problem that energy suppliers are obliged to resolve with Ofgem pushing hard for Energy companies to  make their customers final billing easier to understand, a process which will be made easier with the roll-out of Smart Meters over the next 5 years. Energy companies have also blamed “teething problems” in the rollout of new billing systems.

If you have experienced such a problem you can contact the customer services department of your Energy supplier with people who have been overcharged or billed incorrectly usually receiving a refund of the amount they have overpaid, or having their account credited to the value of the overcharged amount.

See our How to Read Your Energy Bill section for further details in how to understand your energy usage.

If you find over charging to be a constant problem with your energy supplier why not compare your energy tariff today and switch to a fixed price Tariff to help fix you energy costs to avoid such problems in the future.