British Gas Price Hike 5.5%

British Gas Price Hike with 5.5% increase… Again!


British gas go for a hike again! 


4.1 Million British Gas Customers on their SVT and default tariffs will now face an additional 5.5% increase, following a 12.5% price hike that went into effect 6 months ago.

British Gas customers are paying more than EVER and those loyal to British Gas have spent the most on their energy.


What to expect next?


They say that it will only go up by an extra £5 a month to an additional £60 a year… This is after it when up more than twice that last year. Those who choose to ignore these price hikes are unnecessarily overpaying for their energy.


I am not with British Gas but I am with another Big 6 Energy Provider


British Gas are usually the first to hike up their prices with the rest of the Big Six to follow. Last year, 2017 each one of the Big 6 (British Gas, EDF, npower, SSE, Scottish Power & E.On) followed suit in rolling out price hikes.

There is a BIG chance that they will do the same this year!

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Why do they want to risk disgruntling their customers?


Price Hikes brought to you by the Big 6 are reflective of operation costs and market fluctuation.

But they also have very highly paid Senior Executives, Chairmen and Share Holders. These big energy companies operate on the assumption that most of their customers on SVT or Default Tariffs are disengaged from the energy market and won’t switch to a cheaper tariff.


What can I do if I think I am paying too much or may be effected by a price hike in the near future?


There are now over 65 licensed energy suppliers in the British energy market. Most of them have come on to the scene in the last 5 years. They have smaller operating costs, more focused on customer service and saving their customers as much money as possible on their energy.

They highly value their customers and know that they need to keep their customers happy with their prices and service.

At the end of the day, the same energy comes out of the socket regardless of who you pay for your energy. So what on earth pay any more than you need to?

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