Energy Switching: The Easiest Resolution

Energy Resolution

How can you tell when people are over New Year’s Resolutions by February?





When the impatient line for the treadmill has seemed to disappear…


 Energy Resolution

Or the healthy veg from the first big shop of the year

has gone off and now composted to make room for-

other things in the fridge…

Energy Resolution

Chances are that we forget all about our resolutions

by the time the World Cup comes around!Energy Resolution

This year, MyUtilityGenius is challenging you to try to stick to 1 simple resolution

that could save you hundreds of pounds.

We challenge you to be an engaged energy customer this year

and compare your energy bill when your contract is almost up-

or even when its not…

If you are on a fixed priced contract,

make a note in the calendar within 40 days of your contract expiring

to compare and switch to the best available deal.

Make sure you do this before you find yourself

automatically switched to the Standard Variable Tariff…

Energy Resolution

If you are on Standard Variable Tariff,

grab your energy bill NOW and see how much you could be saving!

Most of the time, savings of £250+ can be made on your annual energy spend

against Standard Tariffs!

Good luck wrestling with your other resolutions-

(ours may just be the easiest to accomplish this year 😉



Start the new year right and make sure that you stick to your energy resolution. Switch your energy supplier and Tariff to a cheaper one and save hundreds of pounds a year! Do it now at! What are you waiting for? Be an engaged energy shopper and stop getting taken advantage of by the major energy companies.





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