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What is a Green Energy Tariff?

If you are conscious about being environmental friendly, choosing a green energy tariff is a good option for your energy supply at home. Many energy suppliers offer green energy tariffs. However, what is considered a green energy tariff varies from one energy supplier to another. Therefore, comparing how green some energy tariffs really are can be quite a challenge.

All energy suppliers get some of their electricity from renewable sources.You can find the percentage or energy fuel mix in our suppliers’ page. Energy suppliers such as Green Energy UK, LoCo2 and Good Energy are green energy specialists and provide up to 100% of energy from renewable sources (Solar, marine power, biomass…). Some other energy suppliers offer green energy tariffs which make a contribution to environmental schemes; it does not guarantee that the energy they supply to your home comes from renewable sources. If by choosing a green energy tariff you make a positive impact on the environment, the environmental benefits range significantly from one tariff to another. That is why OFGEM (the energy regulator in the UK) launched a green energy tariff certification. With this certification, energy suppliers have their green energy tariffs audited. In order to have their tariffs certified as green, energy suppliers have to meet 3 environmental benefits:

    1. Support or deliver schemes that have energy efficiency benefits, such as installing loft insulation
    2. Contribute to carbon offsetting
    3. Contribute to carbon offsetting

In order to meet the certification, energy suppliers must have a minimum number of customers. That is why some small energy companies such as LoCo2 and OVO may not have their tariffs stamped by the certification even though these tariffs are green. When comparing energy prices with MyUtilityGenius, you can see that green energy tariffs that are certified have a “Green Energy Certified” stamp next to them.

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Does Green Energy Tariffs cost more?

Green energy tariffs cost more than normal energy tariffs because energy companies incur additional cost in producing renewable energy, donating to environmental schemes, investing in new green technology or offsetting carbon emissions. Depending on how conscious you are about being environmental friendly you may think it is worth paying a premium for your energy by choosing a green energy tariff.

What our experts say about Green Energy Tariffs:

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Guy Thompson Green

 Guy Thompson – Director and Energy Expert
Why choosing a green energy tariff:

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Our homes are responsible for a quarter of the UK CO2 emissions that harm our environment. By choosing a green energy tariff it is easy to make positive difference to the environment by choosing:

  1. a renewable tariff
  2. a tariff with less CO2 emissions than your current tariff
  3. a tariff which contributes to environmental programs

Green doesn’t always mean more expensive: most green tariffs are cheaper than standard tariffs.

Thomas Jacquel – Marketing Manager

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*According to OFGEM

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“The MyUtilityGenius philosophy is to shine a light into the dark corners of an industry that seems to have lost its way. We believe that by informing the people with no bias and helping them to engage in what energy actually is and the part that it plays in their lives we can empower the man in the street to take control of his energy bills and better manage the activities it powers. If we can save you some money along the way while making a respectable profit then clearly that’s part of the plan as well!”           

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What is the Green Deal?

Green Deal is an innovative financing mechanism, which allows consumers to pay for energy efficiency measures with repayment instalments through bills.

Under this energy efficiency programme, households can make their homes more energy efficient by installing any of the approved measures at no upfront cost. Learn more about the Green Deal with MyUtilityGenius.

Energy Efficiency Government Schemes

Energy suppliers are obliged to deliver energy efficiency measures to UK households. 40% of these measures target certain low-income consumers, called a Priority Group.

The Priority Group includes those on low incomes, people over 70 and households in receipt of income benefits. More than 12 million UK households are in the Priority Group in 2012! See if you are eligible to one of these schemes here!