Lifehacks: Peanut butter, a ? & Kitchen Roll


Lifehacks- What could be better than that feeling when you use a clever trick to outsmart life’s cheeky little curve balls?


Like losing the plot when you can’t shake the hiccups…


The Longest hiccup attacked lasted for 68 years!


No need to hold your breath, down a liter of water or getting the pants scared off you to battle the hiccups…


Try this very simple Lifehack instead:


Next time you have the hiccups, eat a tablespoon full of peanut butter- it will stop your hiccup attack dead in its tracks!



Gobsmacked by the cost of your winter energy bill?

We know the feeling…


Over 80% of Brits pay 6 companies way too much money for their electricity and gas!


Since 2012, 50 new energy companies have joined Britain’s energy market, offering extremely competitive prices on tariffs.


Lifehack: Why don’t you grab your energy bill and go to and see how much you can save on your energy! It takes less than 10 minutes and most people make savings of over £250 a year! Those who switch every year benefit from the best deals available on the market.


Cheers to that!



Lifehack to quickly chill a drink

But what do you do when you want to celebrate by cracking open that lovely bottle of white but it is room temperature?


White wines are best served after they have chilled in a refrigerator for at least an hour and a half.


Why wait ages? Use this great Lifehack:


Wrap a wet paper towel around a bottle of wine or beer and stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes… or as long as it takes you to compare energy suppliers!


Voila, perfectly chilled grown up beverage to go with that triumphant feeling of outsmarting the system and saving hundreds of pounds on your energy!


Enjoy and tune in for more life hacks next week! ?