Monitoring your Energy Usage

For a majority of people, monitoring energy is an almost alien concept. Gas and electricity meters are hidden away, and people don’t usually make an effort to read them unless a bill is unexpectedly high, or they’re moving in or out of a property.

Though they’re now far less common than they used to be, key and card meters offer a pay as you go system that allows people to see exactly how much they’re spending. Physically topping up your energy allows you to budget carefully, and to limit your usage if you’re topping up too often. If you receive bills, rather than topping up, a smart energy meter could be a valuable addition to your home.

Why install a smart meter?

A smart energy meter doesn’t just baffle you with numbers that you don’t understand. On screen, you’ll be able to see exactly how much you’re spending each hour. You’ll be able to see the real effect of your energy usage on the amount of money you pay. If you turn off a few appliances, then you’ll see the cost go down.

Energy meters are an investment, directly leading to lower energy bills in future. As most smart meters are also wireless, you can install them in plain sight as a constant reminder to watch your energy usage. Many energy suppliers are providing phone apps that send important figures straight to your mobile device.

What are the benefits of a smart energy meter?

Once you’re actively monitoring the amount of energy you use, you’ll be in a stronger position to change the amount you pay. Most people, after installing an energy meter, walk around their house and turn devices on and off. Starting with as few devices as possible feeding off your energy, you’ll be able to see a very real impact if you turn another on. You can get an idea what the essentials cost to run, and if your prices start rising then you’ll be alerted to the fact that something’s been left on.

Your smart meter also works as an excellent negotiating tool. You’ll be able to stand up against energy suppliers that usually estimate usage for your bills. If you feel that you could get a cheaper deal elsewhere, then providing an alternative provider with your exact energy usage figures can enable them to put you on the right tariff and provide an accurate quote.

Smart energy meter installation is relatively fast, and simple. Professional energy meter installers aren’t allowed to sell to you whilst they’re installing your meter, and so the process is free from pressure to take out additional products or to switch energy suppliers. A roll out of smart energy meters will mean that they’re eventually included in every home. Before that happens, installing an energy meter can reduce your energy bills.

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