Todays 7 best Energy Money Savings Tips

If you looking to saving money by changing your habits today you can incorporate the following things into your everyday lifestyle which can reduce your energy bills massively over the foreseeable future.


Switch off or unplug any charges or appliances you do not need switched on rather than having them on Stand By

The average UK household spends roughly £1246 per year on energy bills according to the UK government with roughly 7.5% of that cost being used up by devices that are plugged in 24 hours a day. Some devices only use a couple of watts but those with more power such as TV’s and Coffeemaker’s use up more electricity, spending more money. Things such as chargers, lamps and toasters don’t need to be on all day and you can save money by switching them off when they are not in use.

Washing at a lower temperature

You can save up to 41% of your washing machines energy consumption by simply changing your washing temperature to 30°C.  With better quality washing machines and detergents, now than there ever was, you should see the same results as you would do as if you were washing at 40°C.

Draft proofing as a cheap alternative.

Draft free homes are £25-£50 more cost efficient and more comfortable at lower temperatures. This in turn can lead you to turn your thermostat down reducing up to 10% of your energy bill. Look for gaps in your doors, pipework and cables leading outside and your loft hatches. A cheaper alternative to double glazing can include double glazing tape which at an estimate of £8 from your DIY store can be a cheap alternative to double glazing.

Think ahead with your heating

Set your timer for periods when you know you will be in your home and for when you will be asleep. It will reduce your demand upon heating constantly in turn reducing your fuel bill further.

Check energy labels for efficiency when buying new products

Making sure the appliances you buy are energy efficient can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of the product. Those rated with the energy efficiency score of A will be far more efficient than a product with an energy efficiency score of G.

Check your energy account regularly online to see how much you are using and

Most energy suppliers allow their customers to check their energy usage online to see how much they are using in various areas. This will become even easier in the future with the introduction of Smart Meters to all UK households over the next 5 years

Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

These often last longer and use less wattage than incandescent bulbs. Over a 5 year period the savings equate to £1495.65. Switching to these types of light-bulbs can also shrink your carbon footprint by a Ton.