Warm Home Discount Explained

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The Warm Home Discount scheme is an initiative taken by the UK Government, to provide you with an opportunity to save £140 on your energy bills. The Warm Homes Discount scheme, for the time being, may only be made use of during the winters of 2014 and 2015. The aim behind the formation of this scheme lies in the prospect of facilitating the decrease of UK’s energy consumers energy bills and it in no way affects a consumer’s winter fuel allowance and cold weather payment.

However, Warm Home Discount Scheme works through eligibility criteria and only qualified individuals may apply for and benefit from the scheme.

Primarily the Warm House Discount Scheme offers a reduction of £140 on via the electricity bill of the qualified individuals. Though, the discount money is not actually paid to the qualified consumers, but the scheme employs a one-off discount strategy and the discounted amounted is applied anywhere between October to March.

The Warm Home Discount scheme may be availed by individuals who make use of pre-pay meters or pay as you go electricity meters.

Eligibility Criteria

The applying individuals for the availing of Warm Home Discount scheme need to meet the prescribed eligibility criteria which suggest that on 12th July 2014:

  • The supplier of the applicant was part of the Warm Home Discount scheme
  • The applicant had access to the Guarantee Credit element as a part of the Pension Credit
  • The applicant’s name or the partner’s name was mentioned on the energy bill

If an applicant meets all the stated conditions, the Warm Home Discount scheme may be made available.

However, considering the inability to meet the stated eligibility criteria of various deserving individuals, the UK Government has shown some flexibility. If a deserving individual is not able to fulfil the requirements of the eligibility criteria, one may still benefit from the Warm Home Discount scheme if the current energy supplier offers him a discount considering their financial vulnerability.

The following is a list of energy suppliers that are registered with the scheme:

How to Apply

The following is the application process, explained for the assistance of interested individuals.

If an individual qualifies for availing the Warm Home Discount scheme, they may receive a letter stating that the £140 discount on his energy bill will be automatically provided  or that he may apply for the scheme by the 31st of January 2015. All the relevant details concerning the application procedure are enclosed within the letter.

You should have received a letter confirming your eligibility for Warm Home Discount Scheme latest by 24th December. However, if you did not receive a letter and you consider yourself eligible for the scheme, you may contact the concerned authorities, which in this case are the members of the Warm House Discount team.

For any further assistance in this regard, you may contact your energy supplier.

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