When the Heat goes up so do your Energy Bills

Energy Bills

At first glance this seems to dampen the warm air hovering over Britain right now. Go away; we are sunbathing right now! It’s not just been you that has been basking in the sunshine of the hottest couple of days this Island has seen in the last decade, but the energy suppliers have been soaking it up too.

Many of the cheapest energy tariffs from suppliers have ceased their fixed price commitment to their customers, and in doing so have automatically rolled over some customers onto energy rates that are 20% worse off than they were in during the fixed price tariff period just last month.

It’s similar to buying a shirt from a retailer for £20 in store, only for them to rock up at your house a year later and ask you to pay an extra £4 for the privilege of continuing to keep that shirt at home.

The shirt does not cost £20 at all anymore, and it was never supposed to.

So whilst you’re sitting there thinking about topping up that Piña colada, remember the energy suppliers keep theirs full to the brim at all times.

Now the chances are you tend not to think of excessive energy bills during the summer, as your higher energy costs appear over the winter months. That’s quite a normal response, but this is exactly what the energy suppliers understand your behaviour to be. In doing so the suppliers are aware many customers will simply let their energy tariff roll over in the summer onto higher prices, as they are too busy enjoying or complaining about the heat. A terrific strategy to keep the money coming into the suppliers pockets over the summer, when people actually use considerably less than in the winter.

It’s our commitment to let you know that this is the perfect time to switch your energy supplier, at a time in the year when the suppliers simply don’t think you will. That is not to say there are poor energy deals to be taken in the market today, on the contrary some of the best energy tariffs on offer are the cheapest they have been for a long time. It’s all about switching your supplier at the correct time and simply not rolling over onto some disagreeable energy rates.

So if you think its ok for the energy supplier to take more money from you over the summer months than you would hope, we want to reverse your unknowing acceptance to this whist you whittle away your summer holiday fund on energy bills you were paying 20 % less for last month.