What does the letters IGT mean on my Utility Bill?

IGT Gas Supply Transport

Gas is transported and supplied to UK households through miles and miles of underground pipelines. The majority of these pipelines are owned and operated by the National Grid , a company formed as part of the Electricity Act (1989)  which privatised the electricity industry.

An estimated 1 million UK homes aren’t connected to National Grid pipes and are operated by what is known within the industry as an IGT (Independent Gas Transporters). They are responsible for developing, operating and maintaining local gas transportation networks in areas that fall out of the National Grids remit.

How does an IGT affect me?

The term IGT only refers to the method your gas is transported from A to B leaving no difference in the way your gas is transported either National Grid or likewise.

How do I know if my house is supplied by an IGT pipeline?

You can check if your house is connected to an IGT pipeline by referring to your Gas Meter to find out whether your house is connected to the National Grid or an IGT. The numbers 74, 75, 76 and 77 upon your meter indicate that gas is transported to your house by an IGT. If your property has any other number upon your meter that indicates that your gas is transported to you through the national grid.

You can also find out whether your property uses an IGT pipeline by looking at your bill. The letters IGT may appear indicating that your property is connected to an IGT pipeline. You can also find your Gas Meter Number (MPRN) or M number upon your gas bill which can also help indicate which pipeline your property is connected to.

What is the difference between a National Grid and an IGT Pipeline?

There is no difference in your gas supply. The only difference you may see is a slight difference in the final price of your energy bill. This is because IGT’s do not transport to the mass amount of UK properties like the National Grid, therefore they incur higher costs than the National Grid network.

The majority of UK Gas Suppliers will absorb these costs for their customers however a select handful of companies will pass these costs on to their customers, meaning your total Gas Bill could be slightly higher than that of a similar property.

How can I find out if a Gas Supplier will charge me for the transportation of my gas through an IGT network?

If you are connected to an IGT pipeline you can check with your supplier to find out the cost and if it has been absorbed by them.

Who are Independent Gas Transporters in the UK?

The Association of Independent Gas Transporters   (AIGT) is the independent Trade Body of IGT’s within the UK. Currently there is 6 UK Gas Transporters operating to a small amount of the gas pipe network. They are all regulated by Ofgem , the UK’s energy regulator. The 6 IGT’s in the UK are;

Can I Switch Gas Suppliers if I am connected to an IGT Network?

If you are looking to switch Gas Supplier IGT fees are not usually included within a price quote, but you can still use our services to Switch.  Therefore My Utility Genius  recommends that after running a price comparison you contact with the selected Gas Suppler to see if you will be charged and how much for you to take into consideration.

Once you know the true cost of switching an IGT networked property, you can weigh up the best option for your property and Switch Gas Supplier easily and within 5 minutes.

For more information about you Gas Bill or to get a complete breakdown of what you are being charged for please see our Understanding Energy  section.