Why should I switch my energy supplier?

Why be nervous about switching energy supplier?

Quite simply you should really switch energy suppliers every year; it is the fastest way to save money on your energy bills without making drastic lifestyle changes that affect how and when your energy is used.

You may feel that accepting a renewal offer from your current supplier means you have done your part in saving money on your energy bills. This may well be true and kudos to your current supplier can if they offer you a new competitive tariff to take. But quite simply at every available opportunity switching to another energy supplier’s cheapest fixed price tariff will save you more money.

How do you know the renewal offer is good?

If you haven’t switched supplier in years the chances are any renewal offer is better than your current energy prices.

Most of the population, about 70% which equates to roughly 23 million households feel a sense of attachment to their current energy supplier. There are no loyalty rewards for longstanding customers, so why is it really that you haven’t switched energy suppliers before? The logo on your bill changes, and the number on the bottom is far less than on your old bill – sounds too good to be true, but serial energy switchers out there know this is within reach.

As long as the service received from the new supplier is as good as if not better than you’re old supplier – if you were with one of the “Big 6” chances are you’ve experienced some poor customer service in the past, then there really isn’t much stopping you from switching suppliers, apart from undertaking the switching task itself. It can take 10 minutes!

The general public felt a greater inclination in the past to switch energy suppliers at shopping centres, or at their front door, why not? There’s no hassle and you don’t even need to seek out the good deal, it comes to you how fantastic.

Consumer mistrust and shifty selling practices from rougue agents have meant that these approaches to energy switching led to customers have simply unplugging themselves from the merry-go-round of energy supplier courting.

You wouldn’t let your car insurance or mortgage roll over to a pre-determined price considerably higher than your originally agreed deal, why do the same with your energy bills?

Impartiality and a complete oversight off all energy tariffs in the market means you are provided with all possible options for you to switch suppliers. We are here to help and to let you know how fast and simple this switching process really can be. We provide additional assistance to inform you to furnish you with the information you need to conduct an energy switch. Teach a man to fish they say.

Energy suppliers are currently playing a tit-for-tat pricing game, or as we like to call it ‘The Pound Wars’. New energy tariffs are regularly being released to the market to ensure a supplier has the status of cheapest tariff in the market. Now when one supplier does this, many follow suit with lower prices. Right now energy tariffs are at their lowest prices since 2009 so it’s time to take advantage of them!

A free quote and with no obligation

You can generate a free quote and with no obligation, look to switch and save money on your energy bills over the next year by using our Ofgem Accredited Energy Comparison Website www.myutilitygenius.co.uk or contact us on 0203 468 0461.

If you are able to switch suppliers on our website or by providing your relevant details over the phone to our dedicated energy switching team; you will then be in the capable hands of the new supplier to begin to provide you cheaper energy prices! We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly for you if you’ve not switched suppliers before, we just want people to start making a change!