Energy Efficiency

Saving energy is easy and there are many ways to make your home more energy efficient. Why is it important?

Well, the more energy efficient your home is, the less energy it uses. If you are saving energy, you are saving money and you are also reducing your carbon footprint – which is good for the planet. In Britain, our homes are responsible for over a quarter of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that harm our environment.  Saving energy is simple: small actions can considerably reduce our energy consumption and help you save moneye. We are under no illusions as to where climate change sits on the priority list of people struggling to make ends meet in “Austerity Britain”.

But the choice should not be, and is not, one between heating the home over a winter cold snap and living a more sustainable lifestyle!

Sustainability inevitably leads to reduced expenditure and cost – we simply need an integrated approach to the household energy bill to be able to both do our bit for the planet and reduce costs simultaneously. Comprehensive Government funding is available for asset finance and energy efficiency programmes for the disadvantaged if you know where to look and who qualifies. Similarly the government is underwriting investment in energy efficient assets even for the well off. They need to. Statistics reveal that not only does the UK have some of the most energy inefficient housing stock in Europe – level pegging it with Bulgaria for example – but even taking into account the uniquely antiquated infrastructure we have inherited we have made appallingly slow progress in improving our position, and certainly significantly worse progress than most western European nations, lagging behind nations such as Poland and Latvia!

Did you know that almost 60% of the heat in your home is lost via the roof and walls?

In this section, you will find simple tips and advice on how to use your home appliances better, which behaviours to adopt to improve your personal energy consumption profile and detailed information about practical steps you can take such as insulating your home for free or at a very low cost! Our objective is to enable you to lead a more sustainable life without it costing the earth and without compromising on your standard of living. Whilst a recommendation to live in the dark, eating room temperature home grown salads with no heating would undoubtedly improve your carbon footprint, we recognise that as with everything there is a trade-off. We are simply keen to point out that the trade-off is not positioned where many people think it is and that you can make a significant step forwards in sustainability without having to take a corresponding step backwards in either the lifestyle or disposable income department – neither of which could be classed as genius outcomes!

 Fully insulating your home could save you more than £300 a year on energy bills!

For those of us on low incomes, many energy efficient solutions can be free or low cost under government schemes (ECO, the Green Deal, Energy Assistance Package…) so there’s no reason not to do it other than lack of knowledge or inertia. As with so many energy efficient investments, insulation is often easy to install and once it’s done it’ll carry on saving money in years to come

So the message is simple, cutting your energy bills and living a more sustainable life are simply two side to the same coin!

Source: Energy UK