Energy Efficiency Government Schemes

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, the energy industry is bound by statutory energy efficiency government schemes. 

Under these schemes, all domestic energy suppliers with a customer base in excess of 250,000 are required to make contribution to carbon emissions reduction targets. In order to achieve these targets, energy suppliers are obliged to deliver energy efficiency measures to households in the UK. Energy efficiency measures can be provided to any household, however, 40% of these measures must target certain low-income domestic consumers, called a Priority Group. The Priority Group includes those on low incomes, people over 70 and households in receipt of certain state income benefits. More than 12 million households are in the Priority Group in 2012!

Governement has estimated that around 60% of supplier expenditure is spent on the Priority Group. Most of these measures are Free insulation grants, provided by UK energy companies who are obliged by the Government to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes. Insulation is often easy to install so check out if you are eligible for free insulation in this section. Schemes may vary depending on where you live in the UK

For more information you can also visit Energy Saving Trust Website (click here).

Warm home discount

What is the Green Deal?

England, Scotland and Wales

Green Deal is an innovative financing mechanism, which allows consumers to pay for energy efficiency measures with repayment instalments through bills. Apply for the Green Deal here.

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What is ECO?

England, Scotland and Wales

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is designed to complement the domestic Green Deal  in a number of  areas. ECO is the Government’s new domestic energy efficiency programme which has replaced the existing CERT and CESP programmes.

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What is Warm Home discount?

England, Scotland and Wales

Warm Home Discount is a Government led scheme designed to offer support to customers who need  it most to get a rebate from their energy bill and/or are likely to be at risk of fuel poverty.


What is the Energy Assistance Package?

Scotland Only

The Energy Assistance Package provides a range of measures to support Scottish homes likely to have difficulty paying their fuel bills or keeping their home sufficiently warm.

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What is NEST fuel poverty scheme?

Wales Only

NEST is the Welsh Government’s fuel poverty scheme. It is available to everyone in Wales. NEST aims to tackle the number of households in fuel poverty and make Welsh

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What are Smart Meters?

England, Scotland and Wales

Smart Meters are the British Governments plan to update the Energy Systems infrastructure to help accelerate Energy sustainability and reduce Energy wastage. Smart Meters will become available to everyone over the next couple of years.

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