How does the Green Deal work?

1. Request an assessment

  • Book an assessment
  • Prepare consumption data (e.g. energy bills)

When you book your assessment, you may be asked certain questions about your property, e.g. if there is sufficient access to your loft, and will be asked to be able to demonstrate your current consumption, (i.e. show your energy bills).

2. Assessment

  • An accredited assessor will visit your property to undertake an assessment of current property efficiency

An accredited assessor will visit you property to undertake an accurate assessment of your current household’s efficiency. He will look at things like the occupancy level, current heating systems and appliances in use, age and type of construction, presence of any energy efficiency measures already installed. The Green Deal focuses on energy efficiency measures with an underlying principle of suitability being ‘’The Golden Rule’’. The Golden Rule states that the expected financial savings from installing measures must be equal or greater than the cost of repayment.

3. Report and Recommandations

  • An assessor will then produce a report indicating suitable measures for your property

An assessor will then produce a detailed report indicating whether your property can benefit from any of the Green Deal measures. Your Assessor will recommend improvements suitable for you property and will also identify if these measures will pay for themselves through reduced energy consumption.

4. Request a Quote

  • You can request a quote for the installation of LL or some measures recommended for you
You can request a quote from as many Green Deal Providers as you like. Green Deal providers will discuss the measures recommended for you and will provide you with a quote for these improvements. You don’t have to take up all the measures and may choose the ones that are most relevant and suitable for your property.

5. Green Deal Plan

  • Once you choose an accredited Green Deal provider, the company will develop a detailed Green Deal Plan

Once you have selected your Green Deal Provider, they will prepare a Green Deal Plan outlining the improvement measures you have selected, the work that will be done and the repayment plan including fixed interest rate.

6. Financing

  • You will receive financing for the installation of all the measures in the Green Deal Plan with no up-front costs

Your Green Deal Provider will arrange financing with no up-front costs and will provide you with a repayment plan over a certain period of time. A repayment period may refer to either a lifetime of the measure or a specified “pay back” period

7. Installation

  • An accredited Green Deal Installer will carry out installation of these measures in your property
You will be free to choose you payment options- you can choose to pay for all the measures upfront or through partial repayment. The Green Deal gives you an option of repayment of costs though energy bills. The unique feature of such financing option is that it does not tie you up as a traditional loan, and you will not be obliged to continue paying for it if you move houses.

Further conditions apply. For more information please Call the Energy Saving Advice Service (England, Scotland and Wales) on 0300 123 1234 or visit