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We search energy prices from every gas and electricity suppliers in the UK daily to find the best deal for you. Comparing energy prices and suppliers can save you more than £300* on your energy bill! Follow these 3  easy steps to run your online energy prices comparison:

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Get the following ready to compare energy prices: postcode, your current supplier / tariff, your consumption and a few personal details.
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We are 100% impartial! So we list all the tariffs available. Pick your tariff and we do all the work for you. From submitting the request to your new supplier to contacting your old supplier. 
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Few more details to put in and your switch is completed! Relax, you have up to 14 days to change your mind about your new contract.

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MyUtilityGenius is a free, impartial energy comparison and switching online service that helps you to compare energy prices from all the energy suppliers in the UK.

We believe that every household in the UK should be actively engaged in the energy market. We want to challenge energy suppliers to be more competitive, more innovative and more responsive to consumer needs. To compare energy prices or energy suppliers is not difficult and we see it as our job to help you understand that. There are now over 70 energy suppliers in the domestic energy market. Most of which are smaller suppliers that offer very cheap gas and electricity deals when compared to the Big 6. It is well worth it to regularly compare energy prices to make sure you get the best deal available!

We compare all different types of Energy Tariffs:

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to compare energy prices. MyUtilityGenius compares all the different types of gas and electricity tariffs available for your home. Finding the right energy tariff for you could help you to save money. We have explained some of the most common types of energy tariffs our guide section. Click on the type of tariff you want to know more about.

Green Energy Tariffs

Green energy tariffs allow you to make a positive difference to the environment.

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Online Energy Tariffs

Manage your account online with an online energy tariff  in return for cheaper energy. 

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Fixed Energy Tariffs

The cost of your energy won’t vary for at least 12 months with a fixed price tariff.

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Dual Fuel Tariffs

With a dual fuel tariff you have the same supplier for your gas and your electricity.

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Prepayment Tariffs

With a prepayment energy tariff you have to pay for your gas and electricity upfront.

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Learn more about different Energy Tariffs in our Energy Guide

We compare energy prices between all major UK energy suppliers:

Energy News:

Are your gas and electricity bills putting a strain on your budget?
The Best Way to Save Money on Your Energy Bills: Compare Energy Prices and Switch Supplier

An easy way to cut your energy bill is to compare energy prices and switch energy supplier(s). UK households could save up more than £250* per year if they switched energy supplier(s). Even though not much effort is required to switch energy supplier, only 14% of UK homes change their gas and electricity tariff(s) each year!
Here are MyUtilityGenius’ top 3 switching tips:

  1. Pay your energy bills by direct debit. Yes, it does mean that they get their hands on your money without your explicit sign off each month but is it really worth spending an extra £80* for the privilege of being able to withhold payment?
  2. If you are going to pay by direct debit then you may as well get an extra £10 or so off the bill, depending upon the supplier, to have paperless billing (an online account) rather than have a bill in the post. And it is more environmentally friendly from a carbon and forestry perspective.
  3. When MyUtilityGenius delivers you your results you should look at the suppliers you haven’t heard of. You haven’t heard of them because they don’t spend millions on marketing and boardrooms. They knock that money off your bill.

The Genius tips:

compare energy prices
Compare energy prices, what you need to know first:
  1. Who your supplier is
  2. What tariff you are on and how much energy you use

You should use this information when comparing tariffs on our site to get the best possible estimate of your likely costs. If you are unsure as to your consumption then use our consumption estimator instead. If you have been with your energy supplier for longer than 12 months, you will find this information on your annual statement or a recent bill.

Guy Thompson – Director and Energy Expert at MyUtilityGenius

3 tips to save money on your Energy bill:

compare energy prices

  1. Suppliers hate pay on receipt of bill because it is expensive to administer and riddled with bad debt. Pay your energy bills by Direct Debit, you could save around £100 per year.
  2. Don’t guess your existing tariff or your consumption. Know what tariff you are on, take your own meter readings and you use both of these when comparing energy prices.
  3. If you can manage your account online then do so; it is better for the environment, provides you with an automatic filing system for your bills in your e-mail account and saves you money on the tariff.
Thomas Jacquel – Marketing Manager at MyUtilityGenius
Learn more about switching:

What’s the important information to get from your bill and where to find it? What personal details you need to compare energy prices? Guy answers these 3 questions.

compare energy pricesMyUtilityGenius is fully accredited by OFGEM Confidence Code.

The Confidence Code is a Code of Practice that governs independent energy price comparison sites.  Using a site with the Confidence Code certification mark means that the process of switching energy supplier is easy, reliable, impartial and reassuring for you.

*Between 01/01/13 and 31/12/13, people who switched their energy supply using MyUtilityGenius saved on average of £316 on their annual energy costs