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About MyUtilityGenius

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The Genius wants to help you save money on your energy bill but not only that! We are different than some other comparison websites. We want to interact with you and share our knowledge about energy so you can:
  1. Understand how energy works for you in your home
  2. Find ways to use less or better your energy
  3. Learn how to read your energy bill

It takes only minutes to switch energy supplier in 3 steps:

1: Compare Energy Prices
Enter your postcode, some information about your current tariff and your energy consumption. We then produce an energy prices comparison, it is really easy!
2: Switch Energy Supplier
We list all the energy deals available. Choose a tariff and we do all the work for you. After your switch, you have up to 14 days to change your mind, so relax!
3: Save Money on your Bills
It is likely that you pay too much for your energy: 75% of UK households remain on “standard” energy tariffs*, some of the most expensive on the market! Start saving money now!

We compare all major UK energy suppliers:

Genius PhilosophyMyUtilityGenius Philosophy

“The MyUtilityGenius philosophy is to shine a light into the dark corners of an industry that seems to have lost its way. We believe that by informing the people with no bias and helping them to engage in what energy actually is and the part that it plays in their lives we can empower the man in the street to take control of his energy bills and better manage the activities it powers. If we can save you some money along the way while making a respectable profit then clearly that’s part of the plan as well!”           

Honest John Stein. Founder and C.G.O. (Chief Genius Officer)


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OFGEM Confidence code

The Confidence Code is a Code of Practice that governs independent energy price comparison sites.  Using a site with the Confidence Code certification mark means that the process of switching energy supplier is easy, reliable, impartial and reassuring for you.

Rise of Energy Bills – Infographic

We love facts at MyUtilityGenius. Have a look at this infographic: while your income has barely increased over the last 10 years, your energy bills have been multiplied by 3!

What our experts say:

Guy ThompsonConcerned about Energy Price Rise? See if you could save money by Switching Energy Supplier

“UK families spend more than £1,300 a year on energy bills and the media has suggested that householders are concerned by the price rises. However the statistics show that 82% don’t even check to see if they could save money by switching energy supplier, compared to the 80% of households who now switch car insurance every year. Save on average £200 on your annual energy bill within minutes! Switch energy supplier today with MyUtilityGenius!”

 Guy Thompson – Energy Expert at MyUtilityGenius

Thomas avatarEnergy Switching could change the Energy Industry

“If the 21 million homes that don’t switch energy supplier did, then that would probably drive efficiency saving upwards of £3 billion saved on energy bills in the UK every year! £3 billion could pay university fees for more than 300,000 students or build 15 hospitals! Therefore you owe it not only to yourselves, but to the UK as a whole, to understand your position and be prepared to take action to save money on your energy bills as your switch may be the catalyst that cements change in the energy industry.”

Thomas Jacquel – Marketing Manager at MyUtilityGenius

Why energy switching rates are so low:

In this Whiteboard Friday video, our energy expert, Guy Thompson explains why there is an apathy in the domestic energy switching market. Understand why energy switching rates are so low in the UK and why you should switch energy supplier.

Energy News:

Why Switch Energy Supplier? 

The glib answer to this question is “Because it’s cheaper and you will save huge amounts of cash – probably more than £200 per year”.

However on a more serious note, this question is probably the wrong question to be asking, technically. You should be asking why you should benchmark both your tariff and your supplier rather than simply asking why you should switch your energy supplier. Our goal at MyUtilityGenius is not to switch you from one supplier to another, although we are much more likely to get paid if we do that rather than if you stick with the supplier you are with! Rather, our goal is to help you pay as little as is practicable for your gas and electricity within the constraints of rising global commodity prices and the deals that are available to you from the energy suppliers. If that means switching energy supplier, as it often will, then so be it – but it isn’t and shouldn’t be our principle driver.

There are around 26 million households in the UK. Did you know that 14% of these households switched energy supplier in 2011?

The Energy Market Dominated by the Big Energy Suppliers:

The big six energy suppliers share 98.5% of the UK domestic energy market! 

The deals are out there to be had (try a switch on this page to test the theory), if enough consumers went out and switched or benchmarked then the model would change, suppliers would get leaner and meaner and the market as a whole would increase in efficiency massively. The media doesn’t help – they spend all their time waffling on about the big six (British Gas, EDF Energy, Scottish Power, SSE, E.On, N.Power) – normally criticising them for the wrong things; when what they could be doing is opinion pieces and in depth interviews with the small suppliers that are never mentioned – iSupply Energy, Ovo, First Utility, Utilita, Good Energy, LoCo2 and the rest. The whole situation is not helped by the fact that nothing is making you change – you just roll onto the suppliers standard variable tariff (which is invariably not very cheap), and there you remain for all time.

In the insurance market you have to do annual contracts, you are forced to at the very least agree to the new deal, and as a result most people benchmark the renewal offer and switch if it looks too stiff as against the best alternative out there. Hey presto – switching rates are up and the market is pretty competitive. Of course that doesn’t mean the insurance market is perfect; it too faces accusations of manipulation and is interfered with by regulatory bodies, but you don’t hear the competition complaints about insurance that you constantly hear about the energy suppliers.

As it is, the chances are more than 21 million of homes are sitting with a provider and/or a tariff that is a country mile away from the best deal they could get for their energy!

Energy Guide

Our energy guide is here to help you understand energy better. Read also our energy saving tips, where you will find ideas to reduce your energy consumption.

Energy Blog

Our team of experts is never at a lost for words when it comes to talking about energy. Follow MyUtilityGenius views and opinions about energy and visit our blog.

*This figure is an annual saving, based on a dual fuel energy switch on the 19/07/2013, from a British Standard tariff (payment: cash / cheque) and a EDF Standard tariff (payment: cash / cheque) to a dual fuel online variable tariff (payment: Direct Debit). We used a London postcode and the average UK consumptions: 16,500 kWh/year for gas and 3,300 kWh/year for electricity.