Cheap Electricity Supplier

Find Cheap Electricity Supplier using Genius

Save more than £150 on your Electricity Bill!

All we need to know is:
  • Your current Electricity Supplier and your current tariff
  • Where you live in the UK (tariffs vary depending on your postcode)
  • Your electricity consumption (per month or per year)
Then, it takes 5 minutes to switch electricity supplier.

You can find this information on your electricity bill. Click here to learn more about your electricity bill.

Once we have he has this information, the Genius will find a cheap electricity supplier for you. The Best electricity tariff may or may not be the cheapest electricity tariff. Please note that a lot of tariffs are variable rate, so suppliers have a right to increase prices after you have switched to their tariff. If you want to avoid the surprise of facing a price increase, choose a fix electricity tariff. A fix electricity tariff guarantees rates for a set time (1, 2 or years). 

Also, make sure you read the terms of the contract of the supplier. Check for example if the electricity supplier is going to charge you exit fees for cancelling your contract early. Check also if reward schemes and other benefits are offered with your electricity tariff (ex: supermarket reward points, football tickets…). See if the supplier’s customer service is effective. You can find that out on our suppliers’ page.

If you have never switched before, there is no need to be worried. We do all the work for you: We will contact your current electricity supplier to tell them you are switching to a new provider. After you have switched to your new supplier and agreed to their contract, you still have 14 days to change your mind about the contract (cooling off period).

There are plenty of ideas to use less and save more in our energy saving tips, have a look at them!

MyUtilityGenius website is a fully accredited to the Consumer Focus Confidence Code which means that we are an impartial comparison and switching online service that helps you to compare electricity prices.

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