Dual Fuel Tariff

A dual fuel tariff serves both your gas and your electricity. You then have only one supplier for your energy at home. You are not on a dual fuel contract if you receive one electricity bill from one energy supplier and one gas bill from another one.

What are the benefits of taking dual fuel?

Dual fuel tariffs are usually cheaper than single fuel tariffs. The majority of the energy suppliers offers dual fuel discounts if you sign up for a dual fuel tariff with them. Another advantage is that you only receive bills from one supplier. Some suppliers even combine your electricity and your gas bill into one energy bill. Receiving bills from one company means you only have one point of contact for your energy. It can be more convenient to manage your account if only have one supplier to deal with instead of two (whenever you have queries, complaints or need help…).

How do I switch to a dual fuel tariff?

It is very easy: run a comparison of energy suppliers in your area using MyUtilityGenius website to find out how much you could save by choosing a dual fuel tariff. You only need to know your postcode and how much energy you use to run a comparison. It is also very easy and straight forward to switch to a dual fuel tariff: there is no complicated paperwork; even if you decide to change supplier.

Is dual fuel always cheaper?

The search for the best possible deal is complicated by the fact that no one company offers the cheapest tariffs for everyone – and that goes for dual fuel as well as standard plans.  It all depends on where you live in the country and how much energy you use. So even though you are getting a discounted rate from a particular provider, another energy company may still offer a better dual fuel deal.

Find out more about your energy bill in our section “Understand my Energy Bill”.

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