Energy Guide for Dummies

Nobody likes to stick their hand in the air and admit that something like a utility bill, or how energy works, is beyond them.

But rest assured, when it comes to the energy industry, energy markets and your energy bills, that you as a newly confessed dummy are in some extremely un-dummyish company. Quite frankly the jargon, the conflicting advice, the ridiculously inaccurate billing systems, the weird calculations between cubic feet and kWh and the different shades of green are enough to make you want to give up and have a bit of a lie-down.

When it came to our Dummies guide we thought that for it to work, it really needed to be written by someone who is an energy dummy themselves. As with any relatively complex subject, too much knowledge can be the death of clarity. As a result we searched high and low for our energy dummy, alighting after many false starts upon our Frenchman in residence, Thomas. Our thinking is that a marketing specialist explaining these concepts in a customer friendly way through the use of what is, to him, his second language, would ensure that we legislated every bit of technical gobbledygook out of the explanation leaving you, hopefully, with a good understanding of the things that matter.

Prepayment Energy Tariff
In the UK, almost 6 million people have a prepayment meter for their energy. With a prepayment meter you have to pay for your gas and electricity upfront. A prepayment energy meter works like a pay as you go phone: you pay in advance for your gas and electricity. You can top up your account using [...]
Electricity Meter Explained

An electricity meter measures energy use in kilowatt hours (kWh). It tells you how much electricity you use. It is important to understand how to take accurate measurements of your electricity consumption so you don’t end up spending more than you need to. When you know exactly how much energy you use, you can find […]

online energy tariff
Online Energy Tariff
What is an Online Energy Tariff? The energy suppliers offer so many different types of energy tariffs - "standard tariffs", "fixed tariffs", "green tariffs", "online tariffs" - that it is easy to get lost! All of them have different features (find out more in our Energy Guide). The main benefit of online energy tariffs is [...]
Energy Supply and Moving Home

Moving home is usually a stressful time. It is also the opportunity to review your energy supply and see if you are on the right tariff. No, it is not complicated and MyUtilityGenius is here to help you understand your options and also how you can save money on your energy. What you need to […]

Energy Fuel Mix explained

Surely, you are interested to know where your food comes from and its impact on the environment. What about the energy you use? What is the Energy Fuel mix? The electricity we use in our homes is generated from different energy sources. These energy sources include coal, natural gas, renewable energy (wind, water and the […]

What is Economy 7 energy tariff?

An Economy 7 tariff is an electricity tariff with a different price according to the time of the day. The electricity you use during the night costs less than energy used during the day (per unit). It works like peak and off-peak train fares. It is called “Economy 7” because you get cheaper electricity for […]

Fuel Poverty

Fuel Poverty is a Policy Problem; Freezing to death is a human one… According to a study reported in The Independent a year ago 65 people a day die for want of adequate heating over winter. That is a shocking state of affairs for the 5th richest nation in the world. It is an unfortunate fact […]

Energy Supply explained
Energy supply explained: from barrels power plants, North Sea gas fields, Russia and Middle East to your home In the UK, supplying energy to your home involves three key elements: making electricity through generation, transporting gas and electricity, and selling it to the customer. Energy companies either work in one of these different areas or operate [...]