Online Energy Tariff

online energy tariff

What is an Online Energy Tariff?

The energy suppliers offer so many different types of energy tariffs – “standard tariffs”, “fixed tariffs”, “green tariffs”, “online tariffs” – that it is easy to get lost! All of them have different features (find out more in our Energy Guide). The main benefit of online energy tariffs is that they are usually the cheapest energy tariffs available!

An online energy tariff enables you to manage your energy account online in return for cheaper energy. That is why the cheapest energy tariffs tend to always be online tariffs. Online energy tariffs can are sometimes hundreds of pounds cheaper than the same supplier’s standard tariff!

With an online energy tariff, you usually do not receive your energy bill through the post. Instead, you view your account and recent statements online. You also enter your meter readings from your online account. Please note that you can still contact your energy supplier over the phone even though you are on an online energy tariff.

With some energy suppliers the difference between online and standard tariffs is very little. Even if you are on their online energy tariff, you can still choose to manage your account as normal and receive paper bills… These tariffs are only called “Online” because you have to sign up online to subscribe to them.

What are the benefits of an Online Energy Tariff?

  • Cheaper energy prices: because it involves less administrative costs for your energy supplier
  • Better for the environment: paperless billing reduces the amount of paper send to you by the post
  • Easy way to manage your account: you can access your account anytime and you enter your meter readings online

Compare energy prices with MyUtilityGenius and find out how much money you can save by switching energy supplier or by switching to an online energy tariff.

How to compare Online Energy Tariffs with MyUtilityGenius:

1. Enter few details
Enter your postcode, some information about your current tariff and your energy consumption. We then produce an energy prices comparison, it is really easy!
2. Compare Energy Prices
compare energy prices
We list all the energy deals available. Choose a tariff and we do all the work for you. After your switch, you have up to 14 days to change your mind, so relax!
3. Complete your Switch
Complete your energy switch
Few more details to put in and your switch is completed! Relax, you have up to 14 days to change your mind about your new contract.
OFGEM Confidence codeMyUtilityGenius is fully accredited by OFGEM Confidence Code.
The Confidence Code is a Code of Practice that governs independent energy price comparison sites.  Using a site with the Confidence Code certification mark means that the process of switching energy supplier is easy, reliable, impartial and reassuring for you.
We compare energy prices between all major UK energy suppliers:

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