Energy tariffs

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Finding your energy supplier when moving home

When you moved into your current home what were the first things you did? Unpacked some boxes, ordered a takeaway, had a celebratory drink or collapsed in a heap after the stresses and strains of moving? Did you think about finding out who your new utility suppliers are?  Finding a new place to live (be it […]

Can Switching Energy Supplier be Risky?

Can Switching be Risky? When you use our energy comparison site, you may see that you can save A LOT of money! Switching to a smaller energy supplier could save you hundreds each year. Hold on… Some of these providers you haven’t heard of. Is it too risky to trust them? Now we get that […]

Energy Shopping

    Energy Shopping is like buying a good pair of shoes All the regulations, laws and clauses in the world will not change your relationship with the energy market and your energy bill if you don’t initiate some changes yourself. Energy really isn’t that different from shoes, clothes, smart phones, insurance, groceries, electronics, second […]

Eat. Pray. Switch.
Eat. Pray. Switch. Your 3 Energy Bill Options

Eat. Pray. Switch. As you walk out of the house in the morning, you notice a distinct difference in the air. It feels cool on your skin. You are greeted with the comforting smell of foliage as you inhale. As you exhale you can see your breath for the first time in a long time. Thoughts […]

What are Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are new generation of gas and electricity meters that automatically send digital meter reads to your energy supplier. The purpose is to help create more accurate energy bills for your home whilst allowing you to better understand and manage your energy use. This means no more manual meter reads and more importantly no […]

Why should I switch my energy supplier?

Why be nervous about switching energy supplier? Quite simply you should really switch energy suppliers every year; it is the fastest way to save money on your energy bills without making drastic lifestyle changes that affect how and when your energy is used. You may feel that accepting a renewal offer from your current supplier […]

Bank Holiday
It’s Bank Holiday Weekend! Here are our tips to help you be more Travel Efficient

Bank Holidays are Happy Days! If you are going away this Bank Holiday, be more efficient with your home energy whilst you are way. Our tips will help you relax that little bit more. Unplug any unused electrical equipment: when you’re in a rush, you may forget to turn everything off before you set off […]

switching a habbit
Why the UK needs to make Energy Switching a Habit

Making Energy Switching a Habit Imagine a world without mobile phones or the handy little contracts that go with them when they were launched. Without them we wouldn’t have our I Phone’s or HTC’s as there wouldn’t be a benchmark for customers to compare against affordability and phone performance, as well as all the other […]

Does switching affect my Credit Rating?

When you switch energy suppliers, you may well be requested to accept a credit check if you fail that then the energy supplier will not disregard your request to switch over to them, but will insist upon specific criteria being met in order to be your new supplier. An Energy Suppliers may insist you provide a […]

Energy Bills
When the Heat goes up so do your Energy Bills

At first glance this seems to dampen the warm air hovering over Britain right now. Go away; we are sunbathing right now! It’s not just been you that has been basking in the sunshine of the hottest couple of days this Island has seen in the last decade, but the energy suppliers have been soaking […]

Social Energy Tariffs

Social energy tariffs have been developed by energy suppliers for their most vulnerable customers. Social energy tariffs are cheaper gas and electricity tariffs, designed to help people in fuel poverty. Are considered fuel poor households who spend more than 10% of their income on their energy bills. Regulator OFGEM states that suppliers’ social energy tariffs […]

Dual Fuel Tariff
A dual fuel tariff serves both your gas and your electricity. You then have only one supplier for your energy at home. You are not on a dual fuel contract if you receive one electricity bill from one energy supplier and one gas bill from another one. What are the benefits of taking dual fuel? [...]
Fixed Price Energy Tariffs
With the recent energy suppliers' price increases, have a look at fixed price energy tariffs. When you sign up to a fixed energy plan, it means you are offered a fixed price for your energy for a period of time of minimum 12 months. Because it is a fixed price energy is a fixed price, [...]