Can Switching Energy Supplier be Risky?

Can Switching be Risky?

When you use our energy comparison site, you may see that you can save A LOT of money! Switching to a smaller energy supplier could save you hundreds each year. Hold on… Some of these providers you haven’t heard of. Is it too risky to trust them?

Now we get that the first thing that may go through your head might be: “This could be risky… I can see there is a massive savings to be made but I do not want to switch and get burnt”.

We understand your concern and want to reassure you. The risk of a interruption of service from switching to a smaller energy supplier is NIL! 

There are 50 new energy suppliers in the UK since 2012. Strict governement regulations have brought risk down to zero!

There are steadfast provisions in place to make sure that your service continues without interruption. Even if your power does go out because of bad weather, your local energy distributors will fix the problem… NOT your energy supplier.

Your energy provider is responsible for your energy billing.

In the unlikely event that your current energy provider were to stop operating, your service would continue with a default operator assigned to you by Ofgem. Your lights would never even flicker!

You have the Power!

If at any point you are not satisfied with your energy provider or the price of your energy tariff, you can:

  • Make a direct complaint on the website or over the phone
  • Switch tariffs or energy providers using our energy comparison site for a minimal exit fee (usually £10- £30 on ending a fixed tariff)
  • Do your homework and read our energy guides for money and energy saving tips
  • Complain to Ofgem and the Energy Ombudsman
  • Change your mind within 14 days of switching in the “cooling off period”

No need to hesitate. No need to worry about the “What ifs?”  It’s not risky. It is being clever and saving money.

How much can you save on your energy bill?

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