Roof and Loft Insulation

Roof and loft insulation is an effective way to save energy, reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Did you know?

  • In an un-insulated home, around 25% of heat lost goes through the roof. 
  • If everyone in the UK had loft insulation, £500 million and 2.7 million of CO2 would be saved each year! It is the equivalent of building another Shard or taking 100,000 cars of the road!

Roof and loft insulation is easy to install, you can even do it yourself! The installation will pay itself over and over again as roof and loft insulation will last for up to 40 years.

How much can I save with a roof and loft insulation?

  • Approximate saving per year on your energy bil: up to £175
  • Installation cost: £300
  • DIY cost: £250
  • CO2 saving per year: up to 730kg

These figures are estimated for a semi-detached three bedroom house when you insulate an un-insulated 44m2 loft with 270mm of mineral wool insulation. Installation cost: average professional insulation costs. DIY costs: average retailer cost.

How do I choose my loft insulation?

1. If I have: a loft easy to access and regular joists

You can insulate your loft yourself if it is easy to access. Just make sure it has no damp or condensation problems. Use insulation rolls of mineral wool. Lay the first layer between the joists then cross-lay another layer to cover the joists. If you want to use your loft for storage, lay boards over the joists and make sure the boards won’t squash the mineral wool or it will lose some of its insulation value.

2. If I have: a loft difficult to access

If your loft is hard to access, a professional can use a machine to blow insulation into your loft. It should not take him more than half a day to do it.

3. If I have: a loft with irregular joists

If there are obstructions in your loft and if the space is irregular, laying the mineral wool can be tricky. An alternative is to use loose-fill insulation. It is sold in bags and can be poured between the joists. If you are a good DIY-er, you can do it yourself.

4. If I have: a damp loft

If your loft is damp, ask for professional advice before installing loft insulation. The condensation problem can get worse if you install insulation in a damp loft. Insulation stops the heat escaping from inside the house so your loft becomes cooler and risks of condensation increase.

5. If I have: a flat roof

It is easier to insulate a flat roof from above. A rigid insulation board can be applied on the top of the roof’s weatherproof layer or on the timber roof surface (a new weatherproof layer is then applied on top of the insulation). You can also insulate your flat roof from underneath using the services of a professional. Please note that if your flat roof needs to be replaced, you have to insulate it to comply with Building Regulations.

Roof and loft insulation installation

You can find a list of professional installers on the National Insulation Association website.

How can I finance roof and loft insulation?

You can finance roof and loft insulation through the new government energy efficient home improvement scheme, the Green Deal (click here to learn more and see if you are eligible) . You pay back this investment through savings on your energy bills. Another subsidy called ECO (click here) might also be available too.


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