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Please find below the list of all UK's energy suppliers MyUtilityGenius compares prices from as well as the energy suppliers MyUtilityGenius has a commercial agreement with. In light of our ethical stance, we feel it beholden upon us to let you know that MyUtilityGenius, in common with all energy suppliers switching sites, has commercial deals with some energy suppliers and receives a small commission payment if you decide to switch or apply for a product with us. Clearly our objective would be to have a commercial relationship with all of the energy suppliers so that you were able to use our site for your entire switching journey whenever possible. Whatever our commercial position with a supplier it does not affect how we rank energy suppliers and their tariffs in your results page.

MyUtilityGenius does not represent the commercial interests of any particular electricity or gas supplier and is completely independent of these companies. Any difference between the annual energy costs and savings displayed by MyUtilityGenius and either energy suppliers themselves or other switching sites is either a function of error on one of the calculation engines behalf, or simply a result of differing approaches to consumption estimation, the treatment of VAT and the treatment of the myriad discounting arrangements applied by the energy suppliers. 

You are probably familiar with the 6 biggest UK energy suppliers: British Gas, EDF Energy, N.Power, Scottish Power and E.On. There are many other UK energy suppliers who offer tariffs - sometimes very specific - suitable to your needs. Want to know more about a supplier before deciding to switch energy tariff? Select that supplier from that list below, you will find a lot information in our suppliers' pages.

Check out our Whiteboard Friday video where our , Guy Thompson explains the differences between the Big 6 and the small energy suppliers:

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Affect Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

We’re Affect Energy. We supply gas and electricity to homes and businesses in the UK. We can make energy better for you: simple, painless and great value for money.

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Ampower UK Limited
Commercial Agreement: No

Wind farms have significantly changed the way we provide energy to all of our customers here at Ampower. The wind farms we use to source energy allow us to provide bespoke plans that are more affordable and clean; meaning that we don’t rely on fossil fuels as an energy source. Solar power is a fully […]

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Angelic Energy
Commercial Agreement:

Angelic Energy offers competitively priced gas and electricity with excellent, no nonsense, customer service. There is no complicated pricing structure or terms and conditions, we try to make everything as easy as possible. Angelic Energy was started by Islington Council, in partnership with Robin Hood Energy, to supply energy as cheaply as possible to Londoners. […]

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Avro Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Avro Energy is a new independent supplier to the UK Electricity & Gas supply market…

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isupplyenergy Bill
Commercial Agreement: no

isupplyenergy Bill Page is being updated

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Sainsbury’s Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Sainsbury’s Energy Page is being updated   

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Scottish Hydro
Commercial Agreement: No

Scottish Hydro Explained – Please visit SSE’s Bills page

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Commercial Agreement: No

Founded on the belief that people want the freedom to top up their energy when and where they’d like, Boost Lee embodies the power and control that Boost offers prepayment energy households. Boost features the UK’s first truly smart prepayment platform, which removes the need for inconvenient trips to the shops to top-up a key […]

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British Gas
Commercial Agreement: No

British Gas is the biggest energy supplier in Britain’s domestic market with more than 6 million customers as an electricity supplier and accounts for approximately 50% of the UK domestic gas market.

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Commercial Agreement: Yes

Bulb are a new renewable energy supplier in the UK. They’ve launched an energy company which aims to be more customer focused than any other supplier.

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Co-operative Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Co-operative Energy is part of The Mid-counties Co-operative, the third largest co-operative in the UK with 430,000 members

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Commercial Agreement: Yes

Daligas is a UK based domestic and commercial gas supplier based in North London, England. A privately owned company founded by Dr Phaedon Hadjisavvas in 2012.

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Commercial Agreement: Yes

Powergen became E.On in December 2007. E.On group is one of the world’s largest energy companies. It is part of the “Big 6”: The 6 largest suppliers for energy in the UK.

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Commercial Agreement: No

Ebico a not-for-profit energy supplier aiming to offer fairer energy deals for UK households. Ebico has a single flat-rate and no standing charge, so customers only pay for what they use.

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Commercial Agreement: No

Ecotricity is an independent green electricity provider, offering new sources of renewable energy for the domestic market in the UK

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EDF Energy
Commercial Agreement: Yes

EDF Energy is a subsidiary of the EDF Group, one of Europe’s largest energy groups. EDF Energy generates around one fifth of the UK’s electricity. EDF Energy supplies electricity and gas to around 5.5 million residential and business customers

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Commercial Agreement: No

Enstrogo believes in transparency, affordable prices and a commitment to better energy.

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Entice Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Entice Energy combine simple tariffs with energy-free customer service to make your gas supply cheaper and easier to manage. Gas only supplier

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ESB Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

ESB Energy means exceptional customer service and a wealth of experience. Choosing ESB Energy means more time for the important things in life. Our pledge is to be the most innovative, responsible and easy to deal with energy supplier in Great Britain.

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Flow Energy
Commercial Agreement: Yes

Flow is a national supplier of gas and electricity based in Suffolk. It offers both fixed and variable dual fuel tariffs and provides 50% renewable electricity as standard with the option to upgrade to 100% renewable electricity. Flow has been active in the market since 2013. It also offers boiler installation and solar panels.

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Good Energy
Commercial Agreement: Yes

Good energy is an independent energy supplier who supplies only 100% renewable electricity to homes and businesses across the UK. Good Energy sources all its renewable energy from wind power, small hydro generation stations and solar photovoltaic arrays.

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Commercial Agreement: No

Why switch to Electricity only or dual fuel savings 12-month, fixed-price contract Energy from environmentally sustainable sources Easy switching from your old supplier

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Green Energy UK
Commercial Agreement: No

Green Energy UK sources its energy from UK renewable sources (excluding nuclear power). Green Energy UK supplies their electricity through their licence provider OPUS energy and they aim to re-invest up to 50% of their profits into renewable electricity generation projects in the UK.

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Green Network Energy
Commercial Agreement: Yes

Green Network Energy The Green Network Group was founded in 2003 by an enthusiastic group of professionals who, since the outset, have worked hard to make the company one of the most firmly established and reliable operators in the Italian energy market.

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Green Star Energy
Commercial Agreement: Yes

Green Star Energy, Formerly Pioneer Energy is a part of the Just Energy Group of Companies and offers services in the UK. Just Energy Group is a provider of energy solutions to residential and commercial customers . . .

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Igloo Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Igloo energy   It might seem obvious, but traditional energy companies make more money when you buy more energy. We don’t think this is in your best interest, we think there is a better way. Through providing you with a mix of technology & analysing data on how you use energy in your home, we […]

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Commercial Agreement: No

LECCY stands for Liverpool Energy Community Company. Liverpool Energy Community Company (LECCY) is brought to you by the Liverpool City Mayor to offer low cost gas and electricity to the people of Liverpool and the surrounding area.  Our aim is to reduce poverty in the city and we know that one of the best ways to […]

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Lumo Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Lumo began as a price recommendation site comparing UK energy tariffs to help consumers find the right plan for them. We discovered that managing your energy supplier can be frustrating, inconvenient and confusing. So we decided to change that. Lumo now offers it’s own dual fuel fixed-rate tariff, which can be managed exclusively through our […]

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Commercial Agreement: No

MoneyPlus Finally, an energy company you can trust. We understand better than anyone how important it is to save money and know where your money goes each month. That’s why our unique, super simple bill explains exactly what’s going where, right down to our management fee.

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M&S Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

M&S- We’ve teamed up with leading company SSE, to bring hassle-free electricity and gas into your home. SSE is a trading name of SSE Energy Supply Limited which, together with SSE Generation Limited, is part of the SSE group. SSE Generation Limited generates more renewable electricity than any other company in the UK1.

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Nabuh Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Nabuh Energy is a new Energy company, with a new proposition for our customers. After observing how the big 6 treat prepay customers, Nabuh Energy decided to do something different with a proposition focused on making things more honest, simple and cheap for our customers. By focusing on the latest technology Nabuh Energy is able […]

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Commercial Agreement: No

Npower is a leading UK energy company which supplies gas and electricity to around 4 million customers and produces around 10% of the electricity used in the UK.

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Octopus Energy
Commercial Agreement: Yes

We believe energy should be better. A better experience for you through transparency, honesty and simplicity. Better for the planet, through real long term investment in renewable generation and a low CO2 future. Better value, by throwing away the old business models of the “Big 6” and instead building a business that’s fit for the 21st century. […]

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Orbit Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Orbit Energy is a brand-new energy company with a big ambition: to create an energy service that’s as innovative as the cleverest apps and home tech. We’re doing that by developing products and technologies that power services and solutions that simply ‘work’ for our customers. It’s a focus that’s helped us hit the ground running and set our […]

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Out Fox The Market
Commercial Agreement: No


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OVO Energy
Commercial Agreement: Yes

OVO Energy is an independent energy supplier who entered the UK market in 2009 . . .

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Peterborough Energy
Commercial Agreement:

Peterborough Energy aim to offer a no-nonsense, competitively priced, customer focused energy service to residents in the Peterborough region. Peterborough Council have partnered with OVO, an award winning supplier, to bring you Peterborough Energy. We aim to obtain the most competitive and sustainable energy prices for gas and electricity, and pass this benefit on to […]

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PFP Energy
Commercial Agreement: Yes

With simple tariffs and bills, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money with Places for People Energy. Launched in 2015 Places for People Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Places for People Group Ltd

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Pure Planet
Commercial Agreement: No

Pure Planet- We’re the first energy company built for mobile. We’ve packaged everything you need to run your energy account in our app. Enjoy energy at your fingertips.

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Ram Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Ram Energy- We’re designed for Derby and the Midlands Launched by Derby City Council, our mission is to provide more affordable energy to people living in Derby and the Midlands.

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Commercial Agreement: No

Scottish Power provides gas and electricity to over 5.2 million domestic customers in the UK and maintains a large distribution network. Scottish Power is dedicated to investing in green projects and have 11 wind farms, hydro-electric power stations across the UK as well their own Green Energy fund.

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Shell Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

First Utility is the fastest growing energy supplier in the UK and one of the largest independent energy companies . . . . .

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Simplicity Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

We make energy simple. You like to keep things simple. We like to keep things simple. I think we’re going to get along great. Why Simplicity? Give complicated the elbow.   We believe that choosing an energy supplier has become too complicated. Way too complicated. So we’re creating a company that’s the opposite, a company that […]

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So Energy
Commercial Agreement:

So Energy supplies gas and electricity to homes in the UK. So Energy is based on simplicity, honesty and great value. So Energy think that the energy industry can be all of these things.

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Solarplicity Energy Ltd
Commercial Agreement: Yes

Solarplicity: A big change from the Big 6 Fact. Our prices will always be lower than the UK’s ‘Big 6’ energy companies. How? Our Fair Market Price. With us, you’ll only ever pay for the energy you use. Not a penny more, not a penny less.  Solarplicity

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Spark Energy
Commercial Agreement: Yes

Spark Energy is a small supplier specialising in providing a service for tenants, property management firms and land lords.

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Commercial Agreement: No

SSE (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy) is the parent company for Atlantic, Scottish Hydro, Southern Electric and SWALEC.

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Together Energy
Commercial Agreement: Yes

It all started two years ago when our founders were approached by several large global gas and electricity companies to help enter the UK energy market. We, the founders, spoke passionately about creating a market identity centred around the needs of the customer.  We spoke about creating a price-competitive product that offered a premium service […]

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Tonik Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Tonik Energy customers can visit Tonik Space to view their latest and previous bills and make payments.

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isupplyenergy Terms of services
Commercial Agreement:

Click here to download isupplyenergy Terms of services

View isupplyenergy Terms of services's Page
Robin Hood Energy Terms of Service
Commercial Agreement:

Click here to download First Utility Terms of services

View Robin Hood Energy Terms of Service's Page
Commercial Agreement: Yes

Utilita is the leading supplier of prepayment pay-as-you-go energy in Great Britain using smart meters.

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Utility Warehouse
Commercial Agreement: No

Utility Warehouse provides over 400,000 homes and small businesses throughout the UK with Home Phone, Mobiles, Broadband, Gas and Electricity.

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UtilityPoint Limited
Commercial Agreement: Yes

Utility Point is committed to creating long-term sustainable value for everyone connected to our business and the communities we proudly serve. We are focused on providing an honest quality of service for our customers. This doesn’t just mean providing cheap, transparent and reliable energy as we believe this should be a given. What these words […]

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Yorkshire Energy
Commercial Agreement:

  Yorkshire Energy supplies gas and electric to homes in the UK. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, their community is based on fairly priced, efficient energy that their consumers can understand. Yorkshire Energy don’t believe they have to be the biggest out there. That’s why they have a clear mission to be the best energy […]

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Zebra Power
Commercial Agreement: Yes

Zebra Power is a new independent energy supplier. Our aim is to offer competitive consumer prices backed by an exceptional customer service. We have realised just how complex the Energy Market can appear to the Domestic Consumer… At Zebra Power we believe that all things energy should be in simple black and white terms with […]

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Zog Energy
Commercial Agreement: No

Zog Energy is an independent, gas-only supplier offering two tariffs to consumers in Great Britain . . .

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