Daligas Information

Company History

Daligas is a UK based domestic and commercial gas supplier based in North London, England. A privately owned company founded by Dr Phaedon Hadjisavvas in 2012.

It is based on similar successful experiences that Daligas have had in other European countries and entered the challenging UK market with the same promise and philosophy: to always offer gas to customers at the best price, coupled with efficient customer care.

The founding members of Daligas are a team of highly skilled people with hands on involvement. Between the staff at Daligas they have a vast pool of experience in the fields of energy, information technology, sales, marketing and business management.

Daligas have a simple motto: The best gas at the lowest price!

Facts and Figures

Question Answer
Date they became a registered supplier 2012
Company Type Private Limited Company with Share Capital
Ownership Structure Management/Employee and other Shareholders
Fuels supplied Gas Only
Warm Home Discount provided No
Location London, England.
Number of Employees Less than 50
Number of Customer Accounts Details not yet published
Turnover Details not yet published


The UK is certainly one of the largest gas markets in Europe, with more than 24 million households and companies using gas. It is a highly competitive market with clear rules and guidelines, but nevertheless still dominated by the ‘big six’ suppliers who aim increase their presence on an ongoing basis. However, I’m sure you’ve noticed that their constant multiplicity of offers and options, end up confusing consumers as to what’s best for them. Daligas certainly noticed this before entering the UK market.

Daligas believe that consumers have the ability to compare and choose the right supplier according to their needs. Gas is a commodity and Daligas believe that what’s important is to meet customers’ expectations; primarily on price, but also on service, customer care, ease, simplicity and transparency. This friendly approach to customer care and a timely approach with proper responses to customers is how Daligas wishes to be move forward.

Daligas’s answer is to have a simple price structure. One product, one pricing model and one low price!

The independent supplier also aims to make its innovative technology a benefit to its customers, offering smart meters, mobile apps and home automation. The Smart meter is provided and installed for free. You can download their account management app for free as well. About ten percent of First Utility’s customers have smart meters fitted, which is about ten times the national average.


Key Personnel

Name Title Previous Work History
Dr Phaedon Hadjisavvas CEO – Chief Executive Officer Former MD SAP, Partner C&L, Manager EXXON, BDM Goldgas
Andreas Papaevripides CFO – Chief Financial Officer Accounting Auditing, Business Advisor
Christos Economou CIO – Chief Information Officer Manager in SAP, MD BS1, CIO Goldgas

Currently Daligas do not supply IGT (Independent Gas Transporter) meters.

Daligas is aiming to achieve 100,000 customers in the UK within 3 years by aiming to become a trusted supplier and to build a long-term relationship with each of our customers.
When the Managing Director, Dr Phaedon Hadjisavvas was asked whether Daligas is ready to meet the challenges of the UK gas market?

“Absolutely! We have the knowledge and the experience to operate in a liberal gas market. We’ve formulated the best offer for our customers. We’ve hired the right team, all of whom have the highest expectations of each other and we’ve developed the right IT computer tools. Combined with enthusiasm, motivation and the willingness to build long-term relationships with our customers, we feel completely equipped to meet all challenges.”

Contact Details:
Address:152-154 Coles Green Road, London, NW2 7HD
Web: www.daligas.co.uk