Ecotricity is an energy company unlike any other. They take the money their customers spend on their electricity and gas bills and use it to build new sources of Green Energy. By green energy they mean 100% Green Electricity made from the wind and the sun – and Green Gas which, over time, will be made from organic material.

Their ethical pricing means everyone pays the latest best price, no matter when they joined and regardless of how they pay – including customers on prepayment meters.
Ecotricity’s awesome customer service gives them the lowest complaints level of any energy supplier*. They also came top of the 2014 Which? Energy Consumer Survey. They answer the phone themselves, and they do it quickly – on average within six seconds – and the person who answers the phone deals with 90 per cent of queries right there and then.

All this is possible because, as a not-for-dividend company – with no shareholders or investors to keep happy they’re free to dedicate themselves to their mission, changing the way energy is made and used in Britain. And on average over the last 10 years Ecotricity has spent £265 per year, per customer building new sources of green energy – that’s more than all of the other energy suppliers put together**.

*Total reportable complaints, as defined by OFGEM, means an expression of dissatisfaction that hasn’t been resolved by the end of the working day following the day of receipt.
**We provide all the data you need at

 Key features:

  • Green Tariff
  • Available as Paperless Tariff
  • Available as Paper Tariff


  • One simple 100% Green Electricity tariff
  • Britain’s Greenest Gas tariff – comes with a Frack Free guarantee
  • Ethical Pricing – everyone pays the latest best price, no matter when they joined and regardless of how they pay (including people on prepayment meters)
  • No fixed term contracts – you’re free to switch away whenever you want
  • Award winning customer service – top of the 2014 Which? Energy Consumer Survey
  • Ecotricity have the most stable prices in the UK with no price increases since January 2013

Ways to pay your bill:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit/Credit card
  • Direct Debit
  • Prepayment at no extra cost – with emergency credit available

Fuel mix and Environmental impact

Ecotricity Fuel Mix


Energy Saving Trust

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