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Extra Energy is an energy supplier based in Birmingham, England. Part of the German owned Extra Energie group, ExtraHolding GmbH owns and manages the investments and operations of ExtraGroup.

With over one million won customers in Germany alone, Extra Energy are the fastest growing energy supplier and wish to replicate this across Great Britain.

Facts and Figures

Main Facts
Question Answer
Date they became a registered supplier 2014
Company Type Private Limited Company with Share Capital
Ownership Structure Management/Employee and other Shareholders
Fuels supplied Dual Fuel & Electricity Only
Warm Home Discount provided No
Location Birmingham, England.
Number of Employees Less than 500*
Number of Customer Accounts 300,000**
Turnover Details not yet published

*based on figures from November 2014.** based on figures from September 2014 where an account is deemed to be a customer with at least one fuel supplied by Extra Energy.


Quite simply Extra Energy’s ambition is to be the cheapest energy supplier in the British Isles. This bold yet very welcomed strategy is something that the Extra Energy has championed aggressively.

Joining the market in January 2014, Extra Energy is amongst the newest suppliers in the UK and has claimed at least 300,000 customers within the first year with an ambition to obtain at least 1 million customers over the coming two years.

A spokeswoman for Extra Energy said: “They are quite aggressive targets but we believe customers will want to switch to us when they see the prices they can get.”

In Germany, Extra Energy has been operating for just under four years and has more than 2 million customers.

At the time Extra Energy launched their top ranking tariffs in the UK, the public fervour to hold energy suppliers accountable to their high prices was at the forefront of the new cycles. Extra Energy then makes a timely entrance into the market with some of the cheapest energy tariffs available, aiming to back their lower prices with good quality customer services.

Extra Energy has about 250 workers in the UK and expects to employ more than 500 staff by the end of 2014, with plans for more than 1,000 in the next 12 months.

With a fresh attitude to energy, backed up by online account management and fixed as well as variable rate energy deals. It’s not an entirely novel idea to the public, to have an offer for the cheapest tariff in the market for as long as possible, but this was the sole purpose of Extra Energy’s entrance into the UK market. The lean and efficient nature of this German energy firm is replicated in their service and prices and previous customers have always described Extra Energy as approachable and friendly.

Supplier Rating

Extra Energy survey results
Area of performance Star rating
Customer service First Utility Customer Service Rating
Value for money First Utility Value for Money Rating
Bills (accuracy and clarity)
Dealing with complaints
Helping you to save energy How First Utility rates at helping you to save energy
Customer score 52%

Source: Which? Consumer Information

Key Personnel

Name Title Previous Work History
Moti Ben-Mosche CEO – Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Supervisory, Board of the Extra Group of Companies. Responsible for the Group’s business development worldwide
Samuel Schmidt Founder and CFO – Chief Financial Officer Former Director of Sales and Strategy at RWE UK
Christian Gottlieb Company Secretary Previously involved in Corporate Finance and Development, M&A and Law.

Extra Energy products are not suitable for the following customer groups:

Economy 10 meter types.
De-energised MPAN/MPR.

Press and Social Media

As Extra Energy had become the cheapest Dual Fuel Monthly Direct supplier for almost every area in the UK for a majority of the first 52 weeks since their launch. It’s no surprise that there aren’t many quotes from senior staff members; their low prices do all the talking.

Contact Details:
Registered Address/Trading Address
Colmore Plaze
20 Colmore Circus Queensway
B4 6AT