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Formerly known as Pioneer Energy, Green Star Energy is new to the British domestic energy market after launching in July 2013 and supplies gas and electricity to the UK’s residential customers. Green Star Energy is part of the Just Energy Group – a provider of energy to residential and commercial customers across Canada and North America.

Just Energy is a publically traded company and entered the European commercial energy market in July 2012 under its Hudson Energy UK brand. In October 2013, the company expanded into the UK residential market under the Green Star Energy brand.

Facts and Figures

Question Answer
Date they became a registered supplier 2013
Company Type Private Limited Company with Share Capital
Ownership Structure Hudson Energy Holdings only
Fuels supplied Dual Fuel, Electricity Only & Gas Only
Warm Home Discount provided No
Location Milton Keynes, England.


Green Star Energy’s vision is to be the gold standard in retail energy delivering stability, value and innovation in every customer, shareholder, employee and community relationship.
Having entered the domestic energy market at a point in time where energy suppliers were deemed to be public enemy number one, it’ safe to say as a new market entrant Green Star would have to experience some growing pains. But this clean slate has allowed Green Star to openly disclose their intentions within the market. The perfect opportunity to resonate with the Great British public, and they seem to have made the right noises.

With Green Star Energy committed to providing diverse and simple tariffs for all customers, they have a number of products to choose from. Within the first month of launching they were able to take up around 2,000 customers mainly acquiring customer moving away from the Big 6.

As you can appreciate, customers looking to leave the Big 6 suppliers are doing so seeking lower energy bills as well a level of customer service that justifies switching supplier to Green Star Energy. Green Star Energy is constantly striving to attain an exemplary level of customer satisfaction and therefore made a very early decision to ensure their billing and end-to-end customer information journey is perfect. If customers have confidence that their new supplier is honest and upfront as well having the latest technology to maintain customer satisfaction levels, this bodes well for new energy suppliers wishing to enter the market and do the same. Not to mention allows Green Star Energy to grow in the future.

It can be the simple things that customers appreciate when they undertake an energy switch to a new supplier, knowing everything is moving forward smoothly is vitally important for peace of mind. You don’t want to second guess moving to a cheaper supply; it is always the smartest move! Green Star Energy has thought of this early on and ensured the new automation links within the business are spread out to the price comparison energy switching sites as well. This processes new customer accounts, helps with setting up direct debits and automatically generates Welcome Packs and Direct Debit Guarantee Forms where appropriate.

Green Star Energy provides simple products to fit any household’s energy consumption. They strive to bring simple solutions on electricity and gas products to residents across the United Kingdom. Their commitment to a seamless and easy switch will allow them to secure a low, fixed or variable energy price. Green Star Energy offers several simple products for your electricity and gas needs varying from variable to fixed term rates. Customers can choose from their selection to better fit their home energy requirements.
Green Star Energy has a responsive customer service. They understand the value of a solid and responsive Customer Service team. Their efforts for a seamless switch begin with informed agents that can answer all customers’ questions regarding simple home energy solutions. The Green Star Energy team effectively works towards providing customers with all their home energy options.

Green Star Energy
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Key Personnel

Name Title Previous Work History
Joanne Thornton Vice President & UK General Manager Set up and launched Hudson Energy Supply UK as well as Green Star Energy.
Ben Temple Commercial Director Also Structuring Director. Oversees Pricing & Risk Management.

As with all of Green Star tariffs, they are available to all IGT and IDNO networks at no additional cost. Tariffs are also suitable for customers with two rate meters (economy 7). The standard payment type is Direct Debit paperless; other payment types are Variable Direct Debit and Cash/Cheque on receipt of bill. These are available during the registration/switching process.

Green Star Energy products are not suitable for the following customer groups:

  • Economy 10 meter types.
  • De-energised MPAN/MPR.
  • Pre-payment customers must contact the supplier directly.

Green Star Energy offer a 100% Green Electricity backed UK based-renewable generation tariff. They also work in partnership with Carbon Footprint to protect areas of the Amazon rainforest from deforestation. When customers sign up to this green tariff it supports a forestry protection project , furthermore the tree buddy scheme ensures that every tonne of carbon kept in protected trees in the Amazon (about 1 tree per metric ton) Green Star Energy will plant a tree in the UK.

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Green Star Energy have partnered with Carbon Footprint to help to support two worthwhile carbon reduction projects:

CIKEL Project – Amazon:
The CIKEL Project is located in Para State, Brazil, where 63% of the Amazon Rain forest has already been lost. By using sustainable logging practices certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, CIKEL will continue to avoid the deforestation of 27.4 thousand hectares of rain forest which would have been deforested had traditional logging practices been used.

Tree Planting in Schools – UK
Customers are helping plant native British broad-leaved trees across the UK. Most of the planting takes place in school locations and are only native British broad-leaved trees, ensuring they are in keeping with the local surroundings.

Planting trees not only offsets carbon emissions, but also protects wildlife habitats for many hundreds of years. All trees planted through Carbon Footprint are guaranteed to be in addition to any national quota, so you can be sure that trees would not have been planted without your support

Both projects are benchmarked against the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Carbon Credits earned are retired on a carbon registry to ensure no double counting. Carbon Footprint is also audited by the quality assurance standard (QAS) annually.

Contact Details:
Contact Details: 0800 012 4510 or 0330 088 1619

Registered Address/Trading Address
219-225 Avebury Boulevard
Milton Keynes