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Ovo Energy is an energy supplier based in Bristol, England. Founded by Stephen Fitzpatrick, and began trading in September 2009, buying and selling electricity and gas to supply domestic properties throughout the Great Britain.

Stephen Fitzpatrick set out on his own journey;

“I just couldn’t understand why the energy business was so complex and service so poor. Everyone kept telling me it wouldn’t be possible for someone outside of the industry to come in and make energy cheaper, greener and simpler. I’m very pleased to have proved them wrong!”

Facts and Figures

Question Answer
Date they became a registered supplier 2009
Company Type Private Limited Company with Share Capital
Ownership Structure Ovo Group Ltd and Stephen Fitzpatrick
Fuels supplied Dual Fuel & Electricity Only
Warm Home Discount provided Yes
Location Bristol, England.
Number of Employees 250*
Number of Customer Accounts 160,000**
Turnover £171.7 Million

*based on figures from December 2013.** based on figures from December 2013 where an account is deemed to be a customer with at least one fuel supplied by Ovo Energy


Ovo’s mission is simple: to be the UK’s most trusted energy supplier by 2020. In a complex industry where changes are well overdue, Ovo Energy’s approach is simple: to start with the customer and put their needs at the heart of the business.

Ovo Identified a problem in the energy market and wanted to provide the solutions; a new type of energy supplier, one born from a customer’s point of view, where simplicity is the constant goal delivered via outstanding customer service.

Just over four years after Ovo’s domestic supply launch, more than 160,000 customers are enjoying the benefits of a new supplier and more are joining daily. The customer service team is based here in the UK, and are open and honest. The team at OVO are aiming to do everything they can to keep prices low and pass on savings when possible. Customers are able to see and hear their energy supplier behave as they would expect.

Ovo offer more renewable energy in their standard tariff than any other supplier – so Ovo customers can enjoy a greener lifestyle without paying through the nose for it.

Ovo sources its energy from various suppliers throughout the UK and from abroad. Coupled with the launch of their domestic offers to customers. Ovo decided to enter the business energy market in 2013, a bold move to enter into a space currently dominated by the Big 6.

Ovo’s aim is to provide an outstanding customer service to their customers whilst helping to deliver great value electricity and gas. Their goal is to try and make renewable energy available to all of their customers.

Technology driven, environmentally-conscious and forward-thinking, the work undertaken by the Ovo team is as evolutionary as it is trail-blazing, and they’ll never stop being either. It’s what Ovo Energy does and we hope that’s why you’ll love them too.

As an energy supplier, sustainability is important to Ovo Energy. That’s why Ovo Energy designed tariffs to be both straightforward and green. Ovo’s Better Energy tariff has 15% of renewable electricity and Ovo’s Energy Green Energy tariff contains 100% renewable electricity.

Ovo believe that they have a bigger role than most to play in improving environmental protection – locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

  • Ovo Energy aim to be an environmentally responsible neighbour.
  • Ovo Energy to encourage and drive generation of renewable energy.
  • Ovo Energy to raise awareness of sustainability and engage the public with green issues.
Ovo Energy
UK Average

Source: ElectricityInfo.org

As with all of Ovo Energy tariffs, they are available to all IGT(Independent Gas Transporter) and IDNO(Indpendent distribution Network Operator) networks at no additional cost. Tariffs are also suitable for customers with two rate meters (Economy 7). You are able to pay for your energy bills via all general payment methods.

Ovo Energy products are not suitable for the following customer groups:
Gas only Customers.
Economy 10 meter types.
De-energised MPAN/MPR.

Key Personnel

Name Title Previous Work History
Stephen Fitzpatrick CEO – Chief Executive Officer Former Vice President at JP Morgan and current owner of Manor F1 Racing team.
Christopher Houghton CEO – Chief Executive Officer Previously of PWC and Telcoms Plus PLC

Press and Social Media

Ovo Energy are excited about their partnership with Cool Earth. In another industry first, since 2010 Ovo Energy have been protecting one acre of Amazon rainforest on behalf of each customer. In doing so Ovo Energy have helped customers do their bit for the environment with each acre keeping 260 tonnes of carbon dioxide where it belongs. You can find out more about Ovo Energy’s support for Cool Earth here and to read more about the impact of the work on the ground.

Ovo Energy’s founder Stephen Fitzpatrick, after just 5 years in operation, boldly announced:

“For a long time I had an ambition to own an F1 team, I was hoping Ovo Energy would be successful enough to own a team, but I didn’t expect it to be in 2015.” With the disappearance of the Marrussia F1 team and with some investment into the Manor F1 team we may well see Ovo Energy in this space too.

Contact Details:

Registered Address/Trading Address
1 Rivergate,
Temple Quay

Ovo Energy survey results
Area of performance Star rating
Customer service
Value for money
Bills (accuracy and clarity)
Dealing with complaints
Helping you to save energy
Customer score 80%
Source: Which Consumer Information