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  1. Name of your supplier: SSE
  2. Key facts of your account: States if you have an Electricity, Gas or Dual fuel contract. You can manage your account online or by calling SSE (check when the lines are open in this section) using your account number
  3. Your details: Usually name and address where your Gas and / or your Electricity is supplied to
  4. Customer Reference Number: This is a unique reference number, you need this reference number when you wish to manage your account, either on the phone or online.
  5. Summary of your current Bill: The summary shows how much Gas and / or Electricity you have used and when this invoice needs to be paid. If you pay your invoice by cash or cheque, you usually get a discount when you pay before that date.
  6. Bill date and Bill period and name of your tariff: Bill date is the date your payment should be made until and Bill period is the period of Gas and / or Electricity consumption you are invoiced for (usually 3 months). This section also shows the tariff you are on.
  7. Before this Bill: Quick summary of your previous bill: how much it was, how much you paid… Check you haven’t got an outstanding balance to pay
  8. This bill: This section shows how much you have to pay, how much the VAT accounts for and would also state your remaining balance to pay from your previous invoices if you have one.
  9. Ways to pay your Bill: This paragraph lists the payment methods you can use to pay your bill. If you usually pay your invoices by card or cheque, you can get a better tariff from your supplier if you decide to switch for Direct Debit.
  10. What you paid: This shows the amount of the last payment you made, when the payment was made and what payment method you used
  11. Gas and / or Electricity you have used during this period: Here is detailed your gas and electricity consumption. You can see how many kWh you have used during the period and the price you are being charged per kWh. If you are on Economy 7, you will see the amount of Electricity you have used during day time and night time. With Economy 7 you are charged at a different rate depending on if you use your electricity during the day or at night.
  12. Supply Number or MAPN number: The Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is the electricity supply number for the meter in your property

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  • Contact No: 0800 048 2412
  • Head Office:

    Inveralmond House,
    200 Dunkeld Road,
    PH1 3AQ

    SSE Southern Electric
    0800 117 116

    SSE Scottish Hydro
    0800 22 33 77

    0800 34 34 36

    SSE Atlantic
    0800 028 3028

    0800 048 2412