UtilityPoint Limited

Utility Point is committed to creating long-term sustainable value for everyone connected to our business and the communities we proudly serve.

We are focused on providing an honest quality of service for our customers. This doesn’t just mean providing cheap, transparent and reliable energy as we believe this should be a given. What these words mean at Utility Point is that we help people take back control of their energy use, protecting them from price rises, releasing less carbon into the atmosphere and putting more money back in their pocket. The full customer journey experience is at the heart of this business.

Our view on these 3 simple but very important words is very different and we will be entering to the market with products that reward customers a lot more and hopefully will begin to shift the focus away from price but to a brand that stands for efficiency and dedication.

Our mission is to increase energy efficiency, provide a dedicated and personalised service and work together with our customers to ensure their utilities work around their lifestyle. All the while, saving them money and rewarding their loyalty as well as their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

If we can do all this and have some fun along the way then perhaps we can change the perception, certainly for our customers, of the utility sector.