Finding your energy supplier when moving home

When you moved into your current home what were the first things you did? Unpacked some boxes, ordered a takeaway, had a celebratory drink or collapsed in a heap after the stresses and strains of moving? Did you think about finding out who your new utility suppliers are?  Finding a new place to live (be it […]

British Gas Price Hike 5.5%

British Gas Price Hike with 5.5% increase… Again!   British gas go for a hike again!    4.1 Million British Gas Customers on their SVT and default tariffs will now face an additional 5.5% increase, following a 12.5% price hike that went into effect 6 months ago. British Gas customers are paying more than EVER […]

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy: How Top Brands Are Using It

Renewable Energy in Big Brands   The age of using inflexible and environmental polluting energy is coming to an end. The trend is moving towards the use of more efficient renewable energy, and top global companies are spearheading the move. Not so surprising since these businesses are the major energy consumers in the world. Companies […]

AI in Energy
AI in Energy: Next Level Genius

AI in Energy: Next Level Genius   Artificial Intelligence in Energy, along with AI in most sectors, is destined to make major waves in the energy sector. Here at MyUtilityGenius, we know that the genius that drives the energy sector exists in innovation and looking towards future technologies to bridge the gaps. A major actor […]

Energy Resolution
Energy Switching: The Easiest Resolution

How can you tell when people are over New Year’s Resolutions by February?         When the impatient line for the treadmill has seemed to disappear…     Or the healthy veg from the first big shop of the year has gone off and now composted to make room for- other things in […]

Gas Price Surge… Was it justified?

Gas Price Surge… Was it justified? By Robert Mckenzie, MyUtilityGenius Energy Consultant The start of this week saw a perfect storm of gas price drivers; triggering a surge in the gas price on both Monday and Tuesday this week. Prices reached levels not seen since 2013, but how did this happen? On Monday news broke […]

Centrica Curse: Fix The Big 6

Centrica and the Big 6 in Hot Water Along with a mass exodus of 823,000 customers, Centrica announced a profit warning during an environment where £1.4 BILLION was wiped from its value since the British Gas’s price hike announcement in June. Last week N-power and SSE decided that they would fare better in the energy […]

Is the Npower-SSE merger a solution looking for the wrong problem?

“Npower-SSE, Watch out for that ICEBERG” With the mud yet to settle on the proposed merger of npower-SSE’s retail division it might be a bit early to prognosticate on the likely success or failure of the proposition; but it’s worth having a stab and encouraging some debate on the matter. Before we do that it […]

Lifehacks: Peanut butter, a ? & Kitchen Roll

  Lifehacks- What could be better than that feeling when you use a clever trick to outsmart life’s cheeky little curve balls?   Like losing the plot when you can’t shake the hiccups…   The Longest hiccup attacked lasted for 68 years!   No need to hold your breath, down a liter of water or […]

SSE – Npower Merger- How do you like them apples? 

SSE – Npower Merger- How do you like them apples?   Last night news broke that SSE and owners of Npower agreed on a £7 billion mega merger. The two “big six” companies who currently supply energy to 12.5 million customers combined are looking to control 22.5% of the UK domestic energy market. This would make them […]

6 Genius Energy Efficient Traveling Tips

Are you at a loss with what to do in the typical British Weather? Don’t worry My Utility Genius has some cost effective tips for what you can do this weekend, weather you are traveling close to home or abroad. Take a look below to see if you can incorporate any in your plans for your time […]

This winter, Reduce your Energy Consumption

As the temperature drops and the nights draw in, your thoughts are probably on reducing your energy bills. Talk has turned to cold evenings, and your friends and family are discussing who was first to put their heating on. How do you cut your costs over the cold winter months? Here are a 5 tips […]