This winter, Reduce your Energy Consumption

As the temperature drops and the nights draw in, your thoughts are probably on reducing your energy bills. Talk has turned to cold evenings, and your friends and family are discussing who was first to put their heating on. How do you cut your costs over the cold winter months?
Here are a 5 tips for reducing your energy consumption:
1. Install a Smart Energy Meter

These clever gadgets monitor how much electricity you’re using at home. They don’t directly lower your energy consumption, but they do make you aware of your usage and how much your appliances cost to run. Thinking of using that electric heater? Turn it on and watch how much energy it’s using. Could you get by with a thicker jumper? Your smart energy meter shouldn’t discourage you from using electricity when you need to – it’s just there to help you to be ‘smart’ about what you use.

2. Buy Wireless Remote Sockets

People are naturally lazy. In winter, we’re even worse. We’re more likely to retreat to our beds with our blankets, without making the effort to bend down and turn off the plug sockets or to move around the room making sure that nothing is left on standby. Wireless sockets fit into your existing sockets, as an extra layer between your plug and your mains electricity. Using the provided remote control, you can switch the plug sockets on and off from anywhere in the room. One remote can control up to four sockets in most cases, which means that you can turn everything off from the door.

3. Purchase a Standby Killer

We can’t deny that the winter months are spent watching the X Factor, the Home Alone movies and endless repeat screenings of ‘Shrek the Halls’. Watching TV is one of our biggest winter activities, and it’s all too easy to switch the TV to standby before you go to bed. Even when the screen isn’t on, your TV is using power when it’s left on standby. Luckily, a standby killer monitors when you have finished using your TV and cuts the power to reduce your energy consumption.

4. Install LED Lighting

This is a slightly bigger task, but one that could save energy in future years. Replacing all light bulbs with energy saving LED bulbs can help you to save hundreds of £s a year. We use our lights most in winter, and so you’ll make the biggest savings over those darker, colder months.

5. Switch Energy Suppliers

You might be able to enjoy a cheaper energy tariff if you switch suppliers today. With MyUtilityGenius, you can compare energy prices from all major suppliers like British Gas, EDF Energy, E.On, as well as smaller names that you might not have realised existed. A lower tariff directly results in lower energy bills, making winter a little more comfortable.

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