6 Genius Energy Efficient Traveling Tips

Are you at a loss with what to do in the typical British Weather? Don’t worry My Utility Genius has some cost effective tips for what you can do this weekend, weather you are traveling close to home or abroad. Take a look below to see if you can incorporate any in your plans for your time off…

  1.  Use Public Transport to get from A to B. Take a trip on the local public transport network and reduce your Carbon Footprint.
  2. Go for a bike ride – It’s a great way to get around, a pleasant bike ride taking in the relaxed atmosphere of the long weekend required no electricity at all!
  3. Are far from your destination? Why not take a peaceful walk, it’s better for the environment and has its health benefits.
  4. Make use of your local Park. There is bound to be something going on whatever your tastes, from music concert’s to nature spotting the UK is full of fun, free green things to do. Even though Wimbledon has long gone, many parks offer free tennis court facilities, get their early or the avid racket maestros will get there first!
  5. Go vegetarian for the weekend… Did you know that being vegetarian automatically reduces your carbon footprint by at least 3,000 lbs of CO2 each year? If you can’t stop your temptation, poultry meat produces less methane than Beef.
  6. Reduce your food wastage this weekend.  Transporting waste food to landfill sites not only increases the amount of energy to get it there, but once it reaches landfill it increases the methane produced by landfill sites, contributing to environmental change.