Understand my Energy Bill

Most of the communication between you and your energy supplier occurs via your energy bill. More than 200 millions energy bills are issued every year in the UK.
Suppliers know the importance of making your energy bills accurate and easy to understand. Some of you will get energy bills more frequently than others depending on how you pay for your energy and the type of tariff you have. If you have an online account, you can manage your bills whenever you want. If you have been with your energy supplier for more than 12 months, you will receive an annual statement once a year.
Your supplier must attempt to read your meter at leas once every two years. It is called an actual meter reading. You should read regularly read your meter yourself and give the reading to your supplier to make sure your bills are accurate. If you do not give your readings to your supplier, your bill is based on estimated readings and you could be overpaying for your energy!

If you don’t understand the information on your bill, have a look below, we broke down your energy bill in 2 steps and explained all the information you should know.

1. How are bills calculated:

The majority of energy bills are estimated. The accuracy of your bill rely on two” factors:
    • Regular readings from your Electricity and your Gas meters provided to your supplier
    • Meter readers allowed to access easily to read meters

Below are the breakdowns for your gas and your electricity bills. In December 2012, the average gas bill for a standard account is £811 and for electricity it is £531. These prices are based on average annual consumption figures (16,500 kWh for Gas and 3,300 kWh for Electricity), averaged across Great Britain. Please note that the numbers may not sum to 100% due to rounding.

Breakdown of an Electricity Bill

Breakdown of an Electricity Bill

2. Understand your supplier’s energy bill:

Please select your supplier from the list below:

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